Why Should You Do An Intermittent Diet? Does It Really Work?

Perhaps you have heard about intermittent diet from someone and wondered why not you also start doing it. With all the good reviews and feedback you have heard about intermittent diet, will it work for you too? 

Well, the truth is that a diet’s effectiveness generally depends on one’s body and willingness to follow; hence, finding the correct type of diet is important based on your lifestyle and capabilities. And maybe the intermittent diet can work wonders for you. 

How does intermittent fasting work?

Before we understand why you should do an intermittent diet, let’s determine how it works. An intermittent diet is basically selecting a time when you will eat and fast. You may choose to eat only within an eight-hour period daily, and the rest of the time is for fasting. Or, you can also try eating one meal a day for two days a week. Alternate eating and fasting can help you boost your metabolism. The hours when you do fasting exhaust your sugar stores and burn your fat. The intermittent diet works by lengthening the time when your body is burning the calories and fats you consumed from your meals [1]. 

8 reasons why you should do an intermittent diet 

The intermittent diet has numerous health benefits aside from its obvious result – weight loss. It goes beyond weight management as based on various studies, an intermittent diet can improve brain health, heart health and overall body wellness. Here are eight reasons why you should start adopting this diet:

1.  Lose weight

The majority of people following an intermittent diet aim to lose weight, and this type of diet can be really helpful. When you are on this diet, fasting can produce ketosis, referring to a process of breaking down fats instead of glucose, as your body lacks glucose for energy. With ketosis and fewer calories consumed, you will certainly lose weight. In fact, fasting provides the same results as when you do a typical low-calorie diet as a weight loss method.

Intermittent fasting for weight loss is actually backed up by research. It contributes to the weight loss of overweight or obese individuals [2]. When the diet is properly followed and executed, intermittent fasting can give you…

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