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Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oil, is a coconut-derived oil commonly taken as a supplement. MCT oil can be incorporated into your daily routine by taking it as a supplement or by adding it to the foods you eat (such as salad dressings or soups). Typically, MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, but it can be derived from palm oil as well.

There are many different reasons why people take MCT oil, including for weight loss, to reduce inflammation, for energy and for appetite control. The proven benefits of MCT oil are still in need of further research, but plenty of wellness experts are advocating for its daily usage. Most people consume MCT oil by adding it to their morning cup of coffee. This can help give you an extra energy boost and may even prevent a caffeine crash later in the day. You can also take MCT oil by adding it to your food or taking it as a capsule. With so many different MCT oil products on the market, finding the best MCT oil can be a challenge. For this reason, we’ve broken down some of our top choices below and some tips for choosing the best MCT oil.

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What is MCT Oil?

If you consider yourself a wellness junkie, you’re aware that there is always a new supplement on the market that everyone is claiming as “the next best thing” for your health. MCT oil is no exception. This coconut oil-derived supplement is commonly used amongst those who practice the keto diet as well as athletes and bodybuilders. MCT oil is typically derived from coconut oil but can also be derived from palm oil or a mix of the two.

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. This means that it contains medium-length fatty…

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