The 13 Best High Protein Yogurts (2023 Update)

In simplified terms, yogurt is made by heating milk and combining it with two live bacteria cultures — Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. (1) If left alone, the end product is American-style yogurt. When strained to make a thicker product, you’re left with Greek yogurt. (2) Finally, Skyr is the result of adding rennet, and using low-fat or skim milk to start. (3)

Yogurt options on grocery shelves have come a long way from the days of the sugar-laden and protein-void treats of old. Nowadays, the variety can be somewhat overwhelming and deciding which is right for your goals — between options like Skyr, Greek-style, shakes, and more — can be a daunting task. We tried all the different kinds so you don’t have to, and came up with this list of the best high protein yogurts for a wide range of dietary restrictions and goals.

Best High Protein Yogurts

Best High Protein Yogurt Overall: Icelandic Provisions Skyr
Best High Protein Yogurt for Weight Loss: Oikos Triple Zero
Best Tasting High Protein Yogurt: Dannon Light+Fit Greek Yogurt
Best Organic High Protein Yogurt: Stonyfield Organic Yogurt
Best High Protein Yogurt with Probiotics: Lifeway Kefir
Best High Protein Yogurt for Muscle Gain: Oikos Pro
Best Cheap High Protein Yogurt: Chobani Greek Non-Fat
Best Keto High Protein Yogurt: Ratio KetoFriendly Dairy Snack
Best High Protein Yogurt for Travel: Chobani Complete Greek Yogurt Shake
Best Dairy-Free High Protein Yogurt: Kitehill Greek-Style Plant-Based Yogurt
Best Unflavored High Protein Yogurt: Fage Total
Best Greek High Protein Yogurt: Chobani Zero Sugar
Best Skyr High Protein Yogurt: Siggi’s Skyr

Best High Protein Yogurt Overall

Our best high protein yogurt overall is technically a cheese in the same way that ketchup is technically a smoothie (since tomatoes are fruits). Skyr is made with rennet to help it curdle, which technically classifies it as a cheese, but it has more in common with yogurt and is traditionally eaten the way yogurts are. (3) Icelandic Provisions Skyr is made with a centuries-old recipe and packed with protein, making it our go-to high protein yogurt.

Icelandic Provisions Skyr

Skyr has been made in Iceland…

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