Popular Whittier Restaurant Puts Melted Jack Cheese Into Every Taco

In less than three years, Tacos Y Que has gone from a backyard pop-up sensation to a full-fledged restaurant in the historic Uptown area of Whittier serving carne asada, pollo asado, and even chopped beef bulgogi tacos filled with melted Monterey Jack cheese griddled until the edges are golden brown. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for founders Bryant Siono and Omar Reyna, who had their once entire mobile setup stolen. They overcame the major setback to eventually open a sleek, orange-accented standalone restaurant in August 2022.

Siono, a music producer who also works on The Masked Singer, wasn’t sure if he and Reyna could continue the business after their mobile setup had been stolen. Though other owners have been involved with Tacos y Que, Siono and Reyna, who met through the music industry, had to make a decision. Reyna wondered, “Are we all in on Tacos y Que? Once the pandemic ends, do we go back to our regularly scheduled programs?”

A lucky break came when a friend helped them land a regular service at Whitter Brewing Company to serve their cheesy, meat-filled tacos to a craft beer crowd. Tacos y Que served at the brewery until their Uptown Whitter location was completed.

Siono’s wife mixes the guacamole.

Taking carne asada off the plancha.

Topping each taco with a mix of cilantro and chopped onions.

Those new to Tacos y Que should start with the TYQ Tour, a sampler of three tacos made with carne asada, beef bulgogi, and pollo asado served on Sonoran-style flour tortillas made by La Princesa Tortilleria in East LA. The asada tacos feature a standard topping set of griddled Monterey Jack cheese, onions, cilantro, guacamole, and chopped red onions. Bulgogi tacos, traditionally a Korean barbecue meat, evolved from a dish Siono made for his children. He takes marinated thin strips of sirloin steak and garnishes it with the griddled cheese and a slaw of onion, purple cabbage, carrots, roasted corn, and other ingredients. The play between the sweet…

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