Many diet trends rely on gluten-free ingredients

KANSAS CITY — While the gluten-free market continues to grow, food formulators may consider ingredients that link gluten-free products to other trends like plant-based, keto and sustainability., Dublin, Ireland, forecast the US gluten-free food market to reach $10.96 billion by 2029 through a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%. The International Food Information Council’s 2022 Food and Health Survey found 9% of respondents were following a gluten-free diet, which compared to a plant-based diet at 12%, a keto or high-fat diet at 7% and a low-carb diet at 6%.

“Ketogenic and low-carb trends go hand-in-hand with gluten-free,” said Laurie Colin, senior technical business development manager for the Blue Diamond Global Ingredients Division, Sacramento, Calif. “Since most of the carbohydrates are removed from the formulation when gluten-free flours are used, breads, tortillas and batters can be included without breaking those diets.

“Another trend to consider when formulating for gluten-free consumers is plant-based. The largest share increase of the gluten-free product market is mainly attributed to the increasing animal protein intolerances and the increasing vegan population. Formulators can tap into the already present — and growing — market by making gluten-free alternatives to cakes, cookies, pancakes and more with plant-based ingredients.”

Almond flour, which contains 3 grams of carbohydrates per cup, works well in keto diets, some of which allow for 50 grams of carbohydrates per day, she said.

“Another interesting development is that gluten-free is becoming associated with the plant-based trend,” explained Marina Migueli, senior global marketing manager, health and wellness for Tate & Lyle, PLC, London. “Spoonshot (a research platform using artificial intelligence) shows that plant-based is the most associated topic in consumer conversations around gluten-free, and this makes sense, as consumers desire to reduce or eliminate wheat ingredients from their diets are resorting to alternative plant-based ingredients, including flours used in baked goods, for example.”

Tate & Lyle in May acquired Nutriati, an ingredient…

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