How to Lose Weight and Lower Blood Sugar Without Fasting

Diabetes is a health problem in modern society, and obesity is a warning sign of diabetes. Neng Chun Yu, a well-known Taiwanese medical practitioner of more than 30 years and author of the best-selling book “Dr. Neng Chun Yu’s 133 Low-Carbohydrate Meal Plate,” shared his journey of finding and successfully practicing a natural and healthy way to control carbohydrate intake.

Neng Chun Yu, an endocrinologist who specializes in treating diabetes, was once troubled by obesity and diabetes.

He is 163 cm tall and weighed 78 kg in 2016, with a particularly obvious beer belly. That was his wake-up call. Neng Chun Yu got a blessing in disguise and embarked on the path to successful carbohydrate intake control.

Dr. Neng Chun Yu’s weight loss journey. (Courtesy of Neng Chun Yu)

Moreover, he has a relatively high fasting blood sugar level in the morning, which is classified as prediabetes, and a strong family history of diabetes.

As a physician, Neng Chun Yu knew that diet control is an important part of lowering blood sugar. As a “prediabetes patient,” he started to study in detail: what to eat and how much to eat to effectively lower blood sugar.

Neng Chun Yu personally experimented with various foods, from rice and pasta to milk and fruits, and he tested the changes in his blood sugar level after a type of food was eaten. Gradually, he created a diet that only has “one serving of carbohydrate” per meal, that is, the “133 low-carbohydrate meal plate” diet.

Following this method, Neng Chun Yu lost 20 kg in two years from 2016 to 2018. From then to this year, he lost a total of 24 kg. From the recent pull-up photo, his abs are clearly visible, and there is no flab on his body. His blood sugar is also at a healthy level.

Below, Neng Chun Yu gave a detailed explanation of the “133 low-carbohydrate meal plate” diet.

Lowering Blood Sugar Is Key to Reducing Fat

As a metabolic physician who specializes in treating diabetes, Neng Chun Yu conducts a lot of blood sugar tests on patients in my clinic, as well as tests the effect of food on blood sugar levels.

On top of that, his clinic does a lot of muscle and fat measurements. Neng Chun Yu’s…

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