Health benefits of a keto diet

MONROE, La. (KNOE) -It’s still early in the New Year, and many people are working on their resolutions. Some may even be trying to lose weight.

Nutritionist Jen Avis stopped by the Good Morning Arklamiss to talk about Keto diets.

Avis said the keto diets are among the more popular diets and that it is not a low-calorie diet; it’s a chemical diet because you get the carbs so low, and your body needs carbs to make glucose.

Avis explained a keto diet is a good option because it reduces carbs. She also said when a person lives on ketones versus glucose, you don’t have much production of cancer cells, which raises your energy level.

Jen Avis explained the 3 most popular types of keto diets:

Standard: involves low to moderate exercise.Targeted: involves higher intensity exercise.Cyclical: only for people that do high-intensity exercises.

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