Eating A Ketogenic Diet Could Make You Less Anxious & Depressed, Harvard Psychiatrist Says

We all know that exercise can boost your mood, but what about diet? A chat between American neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and Harvard psychiatrist Dr Chris Palmer recently explored the connection between nutrition and depression. Dr Chris Palmer also made his case for why he uses a ketogenic diet to help treat disorders like anxiety and depression in some of his clients.

We don’t want to go all Liver King on you (and you’d be right to be suspicious of a lot of the things in the online health space these days), but we’ve got an interesting chat about mental health and nutrition between two qualified experts that you really ought to hear.

American nutritionist Andrew Huberman, who recently went viral after going on Joe Rogan, recently sat down with Harvard psychiatrist Dr Chris Palmer to talk about the intimate relationship between diet and mental health.

As Huberman put it at the beginning of the podcast, “I think most people know what mental illness is… most people have some idea of what nutrition is… fewer people know how closely those things can interact.”

“They interact in a very intimate – maybe even causal – way,” Huberman said. “Over a long period of time what I ate yesterday, the day before, maybe even ten years ago could be impacting the way that my brain and body are making me feel now.”

No pressure.

Guest Dr Chris Palmer then told Huberman how he tried the Atkins diet in his 20s as a last resort when his doctor told him he would need to go on medication for his pre-diabetes. He ended up losing weight and feeling better, even if he did annoy some of his friends and family in the process.

Image Credit: Medical News Today

“I had some friends and family who saw me, and saw that I had last some weight pretty easily. In particular, I remember my sister and my sister-in-law got really pissed at me one Thanksgiving because I could resist the pumpkin pie and apple pie and everything else. They were like: ‘how the hell are you doing that?’ They said: ‘how are you resisting all this food?’ and I said: ‘I don’t crave it anymore.’”

“I don’t want it, I’m fine I’m just having Turkey and green beans.”


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