Best Meal Kit Delivery Services 2023

“What do you want to eat?” is a question that haunts people everywhere, and meal kit delivery services may offer the ultimate answer. Whether you’re cooking for your family, dining with your significant other or planning solo meals, figuring out what to eat is often the most arduous part of the process. Sure, you can order takeout, but that gets tiresome (and expensive) really quickly. The best meal kits offer the best of both worlds, offering home-cooked dinners that you don’t have to think about or grocery shop for—a win-win.

The best meal kit services are convenient, reliable and delicious.

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Designed with convenience in mind, meal kit delivery services couldn’t be easier to use. Each box includes fresh ingredients, complete with condiments and spices, and detailed recipe cards to make up to four meals at home. And with options that include farm-to-table foods, family-friendly recipes and vegetarian meals, you can find a service that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. While you’ll still have to put in a bit of effort in the kitchen, everything is pre-measured and ready to go; it’s basically the paint-by-numbers of cooking.

Whether you want to try meal delivery kits or prepped meals are more your speed, here are the best meal kit services to simplify dinner (and squelch your takeout habit).

Best for: Just about everyone | Estimated cooking time: 20 to 30 minutes | Price: $7.49 to $9.99 per serving

Blue Apron offers two- and four-serving plans. With each plan, you can choose from two, three or, in some cases, four recipes per week. No matter which one you choose, all ingredients are sourced from suppliers with sustainable farming practices and high-quality produce. To help you with the decision-making process, some meals include a qualifier—easy prep and cleanup—so you can identify which meals will be on the table in the shortest amount of time (most take less than 30 minutes to prepare).

Each week you can take your pick from a constantly changing menu that includes meat, fish, plant-based alternatives, WW-approved and low-carb, diabetic-friendly meals. You can opt for the Signature plan, which…

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