15 Effective Substitutes For Cornstarch

Most of us are way more familiar with rice as a grain than in its flour form. But people looking to replace cornstarch would be wise to pick up a bag of rice flour at the store. Like the grain, rice flour comes in white and brown varieties, with glutinous rice flour also available. The qualities of a given rice flour will be similar to the grain when cooked. Brown rice flour, for example, will have a little more bite to it, thanks to being milled using whole rice grain, while white rice flour will be smoother and more starchy, and glutinous rice flour is much chewier (via Masterclass).

All of them, though, can be used as thickening agents, with white rice flour also being a great choice to make batters that call for cornstarch. Glutinous rice flour can be a particularly good addition to cakes and desserts, giving them a candy-like consistency (if you’ve ever tried mochi, you’ve tried glutinous rice flour). One of the best things about rice flour, too, is that, unlike other starches, you can sprinkle it dry straight into your food to start the thickening process. Just make sure you add it slowly, a little at a time, to avoid making your food too thick.

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