10 Keto-Friendly Holiday Desserts | U.S. News

It’s easy to transform holiday desserts into keto-friendly confections with these tips and tricks.

For many, baking and the holidays go hand-in-hand.


“Over the last five years, the popularity of a keto lifestyle has made low-carb options much more readily available for people, especially during the holidays,” says Jen Fisch, a best-selling author of keto diet cookbooks and founder of the blog, Keto in the City, based in Los Angeles.


If you are used to baking with flour and sugar, keto baking is a bit like entering an alternate universe.


“Nothing behaves quite like you think it should,” says Carolyn Ketchum, the author of the popular blog All Day I Dream About Food. “Don’t just try to substitute almond flour or keto sweetener into your family recipes. These ingredients need a different approach, so look for the keto recipes that have rave reviews from other readers.”


If you feel the holidays aren’t complete without making a delicious treat for this festive season, here are seven keto-friendly recipes to try out.

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