“What’s Something Most People Think Is Healthy Today That Future People Will Shake Their Heads At?” (45 Answers)

You should be drinking celery juice every morning. You must avoid dairy at all costs, but if you want to make your coffee healthier, you should put a spoonful of butter into it. Fruit should be the majority of your diet, but carbs are evil and will cause you health problems. You should go keto if you want to lose weight, but eating foods with a lot of fat is dangerous. You should be using essential oils every day, but the only way you can truly be healthy inside and out is if you have the proper crystals displayed around your home. 

When it comes to what is actually healthy, there’s a lot of contradictory information floating around out there. So how are we to know what is safe and what isn’t? After all, some doctors used to recommend smoking cigarettes less than a hundred years ago.

One curious Reddit user recently asked, “What’s something most people think is healthy today that future people will shake their heads at?”, and thousands of people called out common dietary advice, lifestyle practices and habits in the replies. Below, we’ve gathered some of their most thought-provoking responses, so be sure to upvote the things you are wary of as well. Then let us know in the comments what else you think will be viewed as unhealthy in the future, and if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article debunking food and nutrition myths, you can find that right here.

Not vaccinating your children. Where the hell did this trend come from? It’s so dangerous and re-inviting deadly diseases like measles back into our society.

LeoMarius , Alexander Simonsen Report

The hustle culture. Not everything you do needs to make money. You should be able to have hobbies that stay just that: hobbies.

Marley9391 , Rifqi Ali Ridho Report

A part of “fat acceptance.” While, of course, everyone deserves respect, regardless of size, the idea that being very overweight is a healthful lifestyle, is just wrong. Sure, most of the bodily harm of obesity won’t catch up to you, until later in life. But it WILL catch up to you. I’ve been overweight most of my life. While I’m generally healthy, my knees have paid the…

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