What Is the Keto Carnivore Diet and What Can You Eat?

With so many diets out there, it can be difficult to discern one from another. However, the Keto Carnivore Diet is pretty easy to remember. Just think meat, and more meat. Also some salt and water, sure. But mostly … meat.

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The Keto Carnivore Diet and is also frequently known as the Jordan Peterson Carnivore Diet. Why, you ask? Because one of its chief proponents is Jordan Peterson, the frequently controversial Canadian author, psychologist and public speaker. He has become synonymous with this wild diet because he claims it helped to remedy many of his daughter’s health problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorder, Lyme disease, psoriasis, hypersomnia and eczema.

Peterson insisted that his daughter, Mikhaila, was “cured” by the Keto Carnivore Diet while a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. And, just like that, he became the face (and de facto name) of this diet.

What Is the Jordan Peterson Diet?

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The Jordan Peterson diet – or, the Keto Carnivore Diet – begins with a two-month “cleanse” (we’re leaning heavily on those quotation marks). That involves consuming nothing but meat, water and some salt. Also known as the Lion Diet, this is an elimination diet that is meant to reset your body. After two months on this elimination meat-and-salt only diet, you can begin to add some greens, but not many. Most of your calorie intake is supposed to come from meat, if you follow this diet properly.

That means, of course, it is essentially a very restrictive keto diet. In such diets, most calories come from fats, some come from protein, and very few come from carbohydrates. These diets are widely recognized as an effective way to lose weigh. Indeed, Peterson told Rogan he lost some 50 pounds by following the diet. He also claimed the diet helped him to sleep better, to feel mentally sharper and to have healthier gums.

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The thing is, for most people, a keto diet should only be used to lose weight before a more normal, balanced diet…

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