Weight loss: Woman shed 10lbs in 7 days with Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 diet

Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind the Fast 800 diet, the 5:2 and now Fast Keto plans. He has helped thousands lose weight and reverse their type 2 diabetes. Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Kelly Stevens, 39, a Design Manager from Manchester about her weight loss results.  

Like many, Kelly has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager: “When I was in secondary school I was always the chunkiest of my friends. 

“I loved sports like athletics, running and long jump, but as soon as I left school and went to university, the sports stopped and I put on even more weight. I partied a lot and probably ate the wrong foods. My weight steadily rose as I reached adulthood and I didn’t really know what to do about it.

“I tried many diets over the years, including week-long juicing diets that were hard to sustain and didn’t really work so eventually, I would always I give up on them. None of the diets seemed to help and I seemed to be consistently around three stone overweight for about five years. 

“Whilst I’m quite an optimistic person most of the time, my weight gain did get to me. I didn’t like the fact that when I was walking, I would be out of breath. I still saw a personal trainer, but all exercise felt like really hard work that wasn’t enjoyable. 

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“I also found that I had one default outfit for going out for dinner with my boyfriend that fitted me properly, so I would always wear that. 

“Also, I felt conscious that when I went on holiday and I had to wear swimwear, there is no hiding yourself – it gets to you after a while of living like that,” she added. 

“At the beginning of 2021, I saw Dr Michael Mosley on Channel 4 show ‘How to lose a stone in 21 days’. The show resonated with me as I felt like I was in a similar place to the people featured and I could see they were achieving results in a reasonably short period of time. 

“I liked the fact that The Fast 800 was routed in science and I also liked that Dr Michael had created the plan with his wife who is a GP. All of the diets I tried previously seemed ‘faddy’ by comparison, so I was…

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