as much as you try to follow a
well-formulated diet sometime supplementation with taking different
vitamins and minerals is necessary in order to stay healthy
even on a keto diet some people get into a rut and they eat the same things over
and over again and so you're not getting all the nutritional benefits of eating a
wide range of foods same with a carnivore diet – if you're eating the
keto carnivore or just a strict carnivore diet if you're not eating
organ meats you're not really getting all of the vitamins and minerals that
your body needs so today I'm sharing with you guys my top 10 supplements that
might be necessary for you on the keto diet in case you guys don't already know
this I am a pharmacist so I have a doctorate degree in pharmacy so I have
gone through years and years of training with learning about drugs and
medications and over-the-counter supplements so I'm going to share with
you guys my advice on some of the top ones I think that you might need to
incorporate into your diet and I'll have all of these recommendations listed down
below in the description box for you so you can either buy them online or in the
store also before we get started one quick disclaimer although I'm a
pharmacist I am NOT your pharmacist I am NOT your doctor so make sure before you
start any of these supplements that you do consult either your pharmacist or
your doctor to make sure that they're right for you because some of these
things might interact with either other medications that you're taking or health
conditions that you do have so once again these are just supplements that I
recommend but before you start them please do consult your doctor or your
pharmacist now before we dive into it don't forget to subscribe to my channel
and hit that notification bell so you get notified every time I post a new
video now most of you guys have already heard about the health benefits of
collagen and you might even already take a collagen supplement it's actually
great for joint health it's anti-aging because it helps support
your hair and your skin and your nails too but it also helps with wound healing
in fact when my mom had heart surgery for a valve replacement I recommended
that she take it I gave her some collagen supplement to take just to help
with the healing process and she really does believe that that's what made her
heal so quickly but she actually continued to take the supplement too so
she takes it every day and if you look at her skin it's a lot more softer and
plumper and so it's something that she's going to continue
to take and there's many different types of collagen supplements out there
there's some that are in powder form which are great because you can mix it
in your morning coffee or tea or into a smoothie but there's also pill form too
if you don't want to use the powdered form the powdered form of collagen that
I like to take is by perfect Kido this is the one that I use it's unflavored
kind but they actually have different flavors like chocolate and vanilla and
salted caramel but I like it because it dissolves beautifully into the coffee
plus it has MCT oils in it so that's gonna help you keep full longer and it's
gonna give you a little boost of energy I also feel like it makes my coffee
super creamy too whenever I use it perfect Kito's collagen is grass-fed
it's key to approved there's no artificial sweeteners or any sort of
junk in it it's also dairy free if you guys want to save on your order click on
the link down below in the description box to get there now you always hear how
important it is to get extra salt on the keto diet but did you ever wonder why
I'm going to explain it to you it's really quite fascinating plus you'll
understand why sodium is so important for biological functions and it's
something that you shouldn't be scared of especially if you use it correctly
and you eat the proper foods if someone is eating a high carbohydrate diet where
there's lots of insulin being released the insulin actually tells the kidney to
reabsorb that extra salt and then instead of excreting it and water tends
to follow it too so not only are you retaining salt but you start to retain
water too that's actually why a lot of people that are pre-diabetic or diabetic
have high blood pressure because retaining all of this fluid which
increases their blood pressure it's also the reason why one of the first-line
therapies for high blood pressure is a diuretic so you can get rid of that
excess water to lower your blood pressure now on a keto diet which is a
low insulin releasing diet you're not signalling to the body to hold on to
salt so that gets excreted and then so does the water so that's why it's
important to make sure you're getting an extra sodium since you're not
reabsorbing it along with extra water to so that you stay hydrated often when
people first start the keto diet they go through what's called the keto flu so
they start to get tired and dizzy nauseous they have a headache they just
don't feel good these are all symptoms of
in two lo of electrolytes specifically sodium but sometimes potassium and
magnesium so if you want to prevent the keto flu it's important that you have
extra supplementation especially in the beginning with sodium and sometimes when
I'm fasting I'll experience some dizziness and nausea or headaches and I
really notice it like if I'm having and work out it's a strenuous workout that
I'm doing that's fasted that's when I really start to notice those symptoms so
to combat that or actually prevent it from happening I'll take a sodium
supplement before my workout this is the one that I take it's one gram of sodium
so we'll take one of these tablets either when I have those symptoms I'll
take one and my symptoms will go away within like 15 minutes or a half-hour or
I'll take it before I'm gonna have like a real strenuous fasted workout and this
sodium I picked up from the pharmacy you can find it behind the pharmacy counter
it's still an over-the-counter product so you don't need a prescription for it
but they also have other different types of salt supplements out there and no
thermit abs makes one you just have to either ask your pharmacist or go visit
your pharmacy to find them if you don't want to take an actual pill supplement
form you could actually just add about like a half a teaspoon of salt to some
warm water stir it around to dissolve and drink that like as a shot but I
think that's really gross and I just can't stomach it so that's why I go for
the pill form of salt in of course the easiest way to get salt in your diet is
just to add it to your food so make sure that when you are cooking your food that
you're adding salt to it for about a semester and my undergrad at UC Davis I
decided to major in neurology it sounded really cool at the time until I realized
that nerve conduction really had a lot to do with physics which was like my
least favorite subject but with that one semester I did learn how nerve control
muscle contraction and all has to do with potassium will and sodium too but
in a nutshell nerve impulses travel from the brain to the muscle by a series of
action potentials opening and closing sodium and potassium gates when the
nerve signal gets to the muscle if there's not sufficient potassium around
the nerve and the muscle will actually keep firing and you get a spasm charley
horses and muscle spasms are also another symptom of the keto flu
so to prevent them you want to make sure that you're getting enough potassium in
your diet now some foods that are high in potassium are avocado broccoli
spinach and also animal protein but you can also supplement to this is
especially important if you don't have a balanced diet or if you're first
starting out on the keto diet and you don't want to get the keto flu so the
one that's over-the-counter is this is potassium gluconate it's 99 milligrams
of potassium gluconate you could take one or two of these a day just to make
sure that your potassium levels are up again you do want to consult a doctor
before adding on any additional potassium and especially a potassium
supplement just because it can interact with certain medications that you might
be on or it can cause like heart problems if you have underlying
arrhythmia issues make sure you consult your doctor before adding on any
potassium supplements some symptoms of a low potassium are diarrhea
low energy a heavy feeling of the legs and dizziness magnesium this is another
very important supplement that you should consider taking you've probably
already heard that a lot of people are actually deficient in magnesium long ago
it used to be in our water sources so our ancestors never had to worry about
magnesium deficiency but that's not the case anymore
so now we mostly get it from our foods and a lot of those vegetables that are
grown conventionally even some organic vegetables they have a lot of nutrition
and nutrients ripped from it because it's not in the soil anymore so that's
when it's important to supplement magnesium is used for a lot of different
cellular processes like nerve conduction and muscle contraction it is also needed
to help burn glucose way a lot of people that consume a higher carbohydrate diet
are at real risk of having magnesium deficiency magnesium is also needed to
regulate potassium too so a lot of times when a customer comes into my pharmacy
and they tell me they have muscle cramps I might think about giving them a
potassium supplement or recommending that they eat some foods higher in
potassium but a lot of times like that muscle spasm is caused by a lack of
magnesium first and not potassium so that's one may be a magnesium supplement
they might want to try that too and there are many different forms of
manganese I'm out there my favorite form is
magnesium glycinate because it has a better absorption so your body's gonna
use it as opposed to magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate that don't get
absorbed into the body quite as well and those ones tend to cause more diarrhea
which is good if you're trying to combat constipation I usually take my magnesium
in the evening just because it does have a calming effect so if you're having
trouble going to sleep then you might want to consider taking your magnesium
in the evening another way that you can get magnesium is by taking a bath with
epsom salts so epsom salts is a magnesium salt and you have to soak in
the tub for about 20 minutes with about a couple cups of epsom salts in there in
order to get it absorbed into your skin but it's a great way it soothes sore
muscles it it just gives you that calming effect too so that you can get
some rest at night magnesium is also available as a spray that you can spray
at bed time on your chest and once again it's going to get absorbed into the skin
as you sleep another way that you can ensure that you're getting all the
necessary electrolytes and vitamins and minerals is by consuming organ meats now
I don't really like the taste of organ meats so I don't usually cook with them
all that often so I tend to reach for a capsule form supplement that has
freeze-dried organ meats in it and the ones I've been using are by ancestral
supplements I've been using these for around six months and I can completely
tell the difference they've increased my energy I have a better mood when I
notice when I'm taking these sometimes I do stop taking them and I do notice a
difference in my energy level in my mood when I don't take them so I've been
using these around six months and I swear by them ancestral supplements
believes that we should be eating like our ancestors did when our ancestors
killed an animal the most prized possession was actually the organ meats
they would eat those first before they ate the meat our ancestors also believed
that certain organ meats would help heal whatever is ailing you so like if you
were having heart problems and you should eat the heart because you're
getting all of those nutrients and vitamins from that organ that maybe your
own heart needs if we're started taking their basic organ meats which has liver
heart kidneys spleen pancreas so I've been taking that one and then I moved on
to taking the the brain all of their supplements are freeze-dried they come
from grass animals that are raised on small farms
in New Zealand they're produced in small batch quantities too and they have third
parties come in and test them for purity and safety and these New Zealand cows
are humanely raised and they've never had an incidence of mad cow disease so
you don't have to worry about that if you're gonna go with the beef brain and
the brain supplement helps with mental clarity and cognition and memory so
that's why I decided to take it just because I want to have the best mental
performance possible especially in my job as a pharmacist where I have to
memorize a lot of things it also has new atrophic factors to
support the survival of existing neurons and actually encourages the growth of
new ones too I reached out to ancestral supplements
because I love their products so much and they graciously gave me a code for
you guys to try if you want to purchase some of them you can use code keto focus
at checkout and it's gonna give you 10% off your order and that website will be
listed down below for you guys as well as my discount code next I want to talk
to you guys about my sickness regimen now I really should bottle this up
because I swear by it it works like a charm every time I do it well I mean
almost every time but anytime I feel a cold coming on or like a sore throat or
just kind of worn down I'll start this regimen and it just wipes it out and
sore throats gon feel better within a few days don't end up getting sick at
all once again you might want to consult your doctor before trying this because
you might be on some medications or underlying health conditions that might
not work well with this regimen like I said I start this regimen when I first
start to have symptoms of feeling sick or maybe there's somebody around me like
my husband or my kids that are sick and I don't want to get sick then I'll start
taking this regimen to prevent me from getting sick in the first place and my
regimen includes vitamin D of vitamin C and elderberry extract those are the
three things that I absolutely take sometimes I out on other things like
zinc or a colostrum supplement but these three are the key vitamin D helps with
your immune system it helps support it in fact back when tuberculosis was
running rampant one of the treatments was to treat with cod liver oil and that
is actually really high in vitamin D and low vitamin D levels have been
associated with upper respiratory tract infections
and allergic asthma – I live in the Pacific Northwest so I hardly get any
sun exposure especially this time of year so that's where supplementation
with vitamin D is key to keeping my immune system healthy so what I do is
when I feel that cold coming on I start taking high doses of vitamin D so we're
talking fifty thousand international units once a day for three days only
again if you want to feel more comfortable about it
consult your doctor but I wouldn't be too worried about overdosing on vitamin
D a lot of people do have to take fifty thousand international units once a week
especially if they're living in a climate like me where they don't get a
lot of sun exposure and even some cases people do have to take it once a day
the other two supplements I'll end up taking is vitamin C this is a thousand
milligrams I'll take a thousand milligrams four times a day along with
some elderberry extract I give this in capsule form because if you get the
syrup it does have a lot of sugars in it unless you can find a sugar-free syrup
but I'll just take two capsules of this four times a day along with the vitamin
C and I'll take both of these four times a day for as long as I have symptoms so
once my symptoms are gone then I'll stop it and both of those the vitamin C and
the elderberry are antioxidants the elderberry extract also contains immune
stimulating vitamins and it helps with inflammation
now this next supplement is something that not everybody is going to have to
take but it's actually a necessary supplement if you have the MTHFR gene
mutation which I do so I have to take the supplement and actually there's a
lot of people that have some variation of this gene mutation out there
I think they estimate like a thirds of the world's population has some sort of
snip or MTHFR gene mutation so the MTHFR gene is an enzyme that helps in the
reaction of breaking down folate into a necessary actively to perform all sorts
of cellular activities from DNA repair synthesis immune functions every single
cellular function needs this enzyme in order to work so if you are deficient in
this enzyme at all then that's when you're
going to have complications down the road and mutations in the MTHFR gene can
actually lead to a buildup of homocysteine and homocysteine is related
to heart disease and blood clots too in fact before I even knew that I had
variations of this gene mutation I had my lab stand this was when I was
in my 20s and the doctor came back and said I had really high homocysteine
levels which I thought was absurd because I was in my 20s this is when I
ate really really clean and worked out all the time like a maniac so it just
did not make sense at all that I had high homocysteine levels and the doctor
too didn't really know about this gene mutation so we didn't go down that path
it wasn't until years later when I had a 23andme test done where I discovered
that I did have this mutation and I actually have the worst type I'm
homozygous for the c6 7:17 mutation which means that I only have about 30
percent of normal enzyme activity if I was heterozygous like I had one good
copy and one of these bad copies I'd be around like 65% and there's other
variations of snips within this gene that can cause varying degrees of enzyme
of diminished enzyme activity so that's why I think genetic testing is super
important especially when it comes to this so in my situation where I have the
homozygous bad copy of this gene I have to take a special prescription
supplement so this is an active form of folate it's called el methylfolate so
it's already gone through that reaction it doesn't really need that enzyme to
give me an active form of folate that I can use for all my cellular processes
and actually with consistently taking this supplement every single day I did
have my labs retested and my homocysteine levels are normal now so I
highly recommend that you guys get tested for this gene mutation or just
any sort of genetic mutations that might be out there you never know what you
might have or what you could be passing down to your kids as well vitamin k2 as
another necessary supplement to have if you're on the keto diet or even just any
sort of diet vitamin k2 is not the same thing as regular vitamin K that you're
used to hearing about that's in like kale and all these green leafy
vegetables they're at different it was first discovered by a
dentist named Weston Price when he traveled the world in the early 20th
century looking at diet and diseases and and teeth health in different
populations he found that people they ate like non industrial diets and had
like poorer oral health hygiene actually had really
good teeth and he believed it was a mystery and nutrient called activator X
that was responsible for protecting them against tooth decay and disease and with
later research it's been discovered that this nutrient this activator X is
actually vitamin k2 so like I mentioned vitamin K has different forms when the
main forms is vitamin k1 which is found in our leafy greens and plants plant
foods and the other one is vitamin k2 which is found in animal foods and
fermented foods too and vitamin k2 is important because it plays a role in
shuffling calcium so it can help shuffle calcium into your bones and so that's
going to help prevent against auto pur OSIS but it also like if you get
calcifications on your arteries usually specifically this one that a lot of
people do have to get cleaned out because they get calcium deposits on
there vitamin k2 can remove those calcium
deposits so it's really good at clearing out your arteries of any sort of
calcifications and a lot of us on my keto diet are actually already consuming
a lot of vitamin k2 because it's in our grass-fed butter so make sure that
you're eating butter from grass-fed sources but if you want to make sure
that you're getting optimal protection you do want a supplement
just like vitamins minerals are very important for cellular functions and
processes they help to detoxify you they help to prevent you against diseases
they help slow down aging they help with free radical scavenging tons of
different things they're necessary for cellular functions basically now we've
already talked about the major ones like sodium and potassium and magnesium but
there's a lot of other micronutrients out there that are necessary and that's
you need and these are called trace minerals
there's chloride which is needed for stomach acid production calcium which is
needed for for muscle contraction and bones and heart contractions there's
also other ones like selenium sulfur copper manganese
all different types of trace minerals that are needed for day to day functions
I take a mineral supplement daily the one I take is a liquid form this is my
Kido beam and I'll have it listed down below where you can purchase it it's my
favorite one because it's tasteless you can't taste it at all and it contains so
many different micronutrients and they're all listed on the back here this
next up limit is really something that you need only if you're having bowel
issues so if you're having constipation or diarrhea which both are common
especially when you're first starting out with a keto diet or a carnivore diet
so if you're having either of these a lot of times psyllium husk can work
because it's a bulk forming laxative so if you're having constipation it just
creates bulk up in your colon to help then push everything out
vice versa if you're having a diarrhea it helps to bulk up the stool so you're
not having like every all the liquid flush out so again it's creating like a
bulk which sounds really gross and I'll stop using the word bulk I promise but
it's a really good natural remedy it's all from soluble fiber so there's
nothing that's really gonna stimulate insulin release so perfectly safe for
the keto diet well that's my take on my top recommended supplements to have on
the keto diet once again these are all recommendations you do need to consult
your doctor your pharmacist before going ahead with any of these just to make
sure that they're gonna be right for you make sure you subscribe to my channel
keto focus and again hit that notification bell so you don't miss any
of my videos coming out stay healthy bye

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