Stay Keto Over The Holidays – 3 Foolproof Tips For Success!

If you’ve been thinking that 2020 would never end, then the good news is that we are finally coming up to the end of what has been an unexpectedly challenging year! The remainder of the year is dominated by holidays filled with food, so read on to create a solid plan to stay on track with keto.

Are you wondering how to stay keto over the holidays this year or whether it’s okay to indulge a little? You are not the only one! 

Louise Hendon from The Keto Summit and author of the Essential Keto Cookbook has some fantastic tips and ideas to share on how to enjoy the festive season when there are so many temptations around.


So, I’m really glad that Abbie has asked me to write a guest post with tips for how to stay on track with Keto during these holiday months.

From holiday parties to family gatherings, follow these 3 tips for success…


3 Tips For Staying Keto Over The Holidays


 Plan Ahead For Parties/Gatherings


So much can be avoided by simply planning ahead.  You know when the events will be, so sit down one afternoon and just plan it all out:

What will you eat before getting to the event? You don’t want to arrive hungry and then spend the next 2 hours staring at crackers, chips, and brownies. If you need to grab a quick bite to eat before heading out, then check out Abbie’s great list of 101 Easy Low-Carb Snacks here.
What will you take to the party that you can snack or eat on? And when will you be making or buying that?  Taking Keto foods to parties is one of the best ways of avoiding non-Keto snacks.  So remember to take your favorites.  Check out my Bacon Brussels Sprouts recipe – I take this to parties a lot and it’s always a hit.  Or check out our list of Keto snacks you can buy here.Then just before you head out of the house, mentally prepare yourself to stick to Keto.  You’ve been to plenty of these parties before, so you know what foods to expect and what foods to avoid. But what if you don’t want to stay 100% Keto through the holidays?


 Let Your Hair Down During the Holiday Season

Unless you need to stick to Keto for medical reasons, then you might choose…

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