On diet and testosterone — new research

this video is sponsored by let's get checked just about every male identifying human once more testosterone and some new first-of-its-kind research out of Chicago looks at certain popular diets and tries to see if any of them correlate with notably high or low male sex hormone levels low and behold there was one notable correlation the lead author on the study was dr. Jake Fanta say sixth year urology resident at the University of Chicago and when he was in college he was a personal trainer don't judge I asked him to do that I liked a good gun show but before we talked about the research let's talk about why it matters I've read the internet and my understanding is that high testosterone will make me jacked and better at sex do I have that right yeah I mean that's that's not too far from the truth yeah just get in there there there there there are definitely some caveats to that but yeah sure I do think people that have higher testosterone have a much easier time putting on muscle keeping off fat and certainly does affect men's libido and even a rectal function now the real question is you know at some what point you kind of cap out the normal range for testosterone in a grown man starts at about 300 nanograms per deciliter of blood if you go much lower than that you start to have the kind of serious health problems that doctor Fantas mentioning and worse things like infertility bone loss depression your doctor might even want to put you on supplementation testosterone replacement therapy TRT the real question you're asking is if you have four hundred verses six hundred eight hundred are you really gonna feel any different and that's kind of hard to answer that's actually somewhat different from individual to individual I would say overall people with a little bit higher testosterone may feel a little bit better but chances are if you have four or five hundred you're not going to feel the difference between six or 700 1200 1500 super normal levels is less a strong given by supplementation you may feel something but obviously there are risks and benefits than that yeah I believe supplementation here is a polite term for juicing sup J been a long time we should hang soon all this is to say that testosterone or T as the brew scientists call it t actually matters to men as health not just our egos but relatively minor differences in Oscar owned like the ones are about to talk about relative to diet probably don't matter that much actually that's not entirely true doctor Fanta says the research does show that really unhealthy diets things that cause obesity those are correlated with problematically low testosterone from what the current literature suggested prior to the study is that diets that make you lose weight if you are overweight or have insulin resistance or type-2 diabetes that has to control those things certainly help your testosterone by helping you control your comorbidities what we really didn't know is how diets themselves affected testosterone and what I discovered is that men don't really need a low-fat diet of normal BMI likely don't have improvements in testosterone by eating a low-fat diet in fact we saw a slight decrease in testosterone those minute yep you heard that right according to this new study that looked at more than 3000 men a low-fat diet is actually correlated with slightly lower testosterone and when you control for things like age body composition and activity levels how is this possible if you follow professional bodybuilding like I do for some reason you'll know that until pretty recently the standard bodybuilding diet was well let's hear it from South African bodybuilder Gary stride um in this 1988 documentary I eat high carbohydrate high protein diet very low fat so how does this guy have androgenic qualities in abundance despite eating nothing but steamed chicken breasts in white rice well I think we can be pretty assured in saying that there are some shall we say exogenous hormones at work there trying to learn Fitness from a pro bodybuilder is like trying to learn home cooking from a pro chef you ain't playing the same game if you're not gonna get your hormones from a needle you got to get them from food the hypothesis is fat is a you know a steroid precursor and if you don't have enough building blocks like cholesterol for steroids such as testosterone you may end a deficient in those areas fanta sand his co-authors also tried to examine corollaries between low carbohydrate diets and testosterone but they couldn't find enough men who met their study criteria I'll be pretty interested to see if he's able to do that work in the future this also all made me pretty didn't what my testosterone levels are I am after all a physically active yet frequently overindulging man who is rapidly careening toward 40 so enter the sponsor of this video let's get checked let's get checked as a way for you to take control of your body and to do all kinds of medical tests yourself in the privacy of your home it comes in discrete packaging with next day delivery the instructions are very clear and very specific just do whatever they say a hormone test is going to be a blood test and I was quite happy to find that they sent these spring-loaded lancets I didn't have to work up the nerve to stab myself like I had to once in high school for a bio class all I had to do was push a button hardly even hurt you pack up your sample you throw it in the mail and you get your confidential results via a secure online account you can share them with your doctor but let's get checked also has doctors and nurses who can go through your results with you this is all legit there are accredited medical professionals running this show if you need to get checked for hormones or for all kinds of things do us both a favor and hit my referral link that is down in the description you'll get 20% off if you use my code Adam 20 at checkout that's all down in the description and what's my testosterone I'll tell you at the end of the video for now we've got a men's health expert in our NIST's so let's do a little lightening round I'm sure that doctor Fanta switch all of us to eat a balanced diet not too much or too little of anything that said if there's one macronutrient that's the problem in first world diets it's probably the carbs right yeah and the reason again it would be the portion control if you look at how many carbohydrates you're supposed to eat people are almost like two three hundred percent side of things I don't think fats are bad at all it's actually I would argue it's probably a harder unless you're eating a bunch of deserved foods to get you know way too many fat calories I mean again you could eat like a bunch of macaroni and cheese but then a lot of those those calories are coming from the macaroni itself and not the cheese portion the butter of the olive oil anything you put into it so I'd argue it's pretty hard to get that much fat without a bunch and deserves I don't think that was a terribly controversial answer he gave just then here is a scientifically controversial issue are rated fats actually bad for you I can't say I'm completely sold on cutting all of those out of your diet I don't say those things I am sold on cutting entered that though or you know a bunch of highly processed foods preserved foods those things I think it'd been reproducibly shown to be bad trans saturated polyunsaturated I mean again anything in moderation I think is not a problem but uh I don't have a specific reason wooden void those like the plague okay here's one for the gents on the internet who like to use the epithet soy boy to describe anyone whom they regard is insufficiently masculine usually people who have committed Grievous unmanly sins like considering other people's feelings and points of view this one is for those guys will eating soy products actually cause my estrogen to go up estrogen of course being the female sex hormone that is present in all men to some degree I have to say I think again in moderation would probably find I do think it's important to diversify your your proteins getting casein aids is super important I do not I do not hate on soy at all I do not think the pro estrogen and somewhat pro-inflammatory effects of that outweigh the benefits of just having protein so if you weren't gonna have protein units versus having soy protein for sure soy protein is better than nothing if you're gonna have soy protein versus something else again I think that versifying it like you talked about having a healthy balance probably more important than just picking one source but it wouldn't be my first choice if I had to pick one source alright last one can a man be healthy as a vegan absolutely I do think supplementation is key or really picking out you know good legumes and things that have high sources of protein help but I absolutely think you could be healthier than me it's definitely challenging though alright thank you dr.

Fantasy now you're all no doubt wondering what is this soy boy is testosterone well 6:57 dead center in the middle of normal I am bizarrely frustrated by this result i mean i think i was hoping that either I would have really high testosterone because that would mean that I was like her or I was hoping that I would have really low testosterone because that would mean that I could go to my doctor and seek treatment and potentially supplementation and that would make me feel like her but no I'm just normal which me this is as good as it's gonna get if there's anything I don't like about my body or how I feel it's probably because I eat too much junk I'm gonna go hit myself on the head right now and try to wipe out any memory of that unfortunate fact you do you excuse me

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