Michael Mosley weight loss: His ‘sustainable’ diet method saw him lose half a stone

TV doctor Michael Mosley, has helped hundreds of people who follow his diet plans lose weight fast, with his methods including popular fasting choices such as the Fast 800, the Fast 800 Keto and the 5:2. And to put his money where his mouth is, he even tried one strategy himself.

Dr Mosley revealed he lost a whopping 4kg (0.6 stone) in two weeks in preparation for Christmas on the Fast 800 Keto, to allow himself to enjoy the festivities without worrying about the weight gain consequences.

With there being a lot of debate about the rapid weight loss diet industry and whether it’s healthy and actually works, the nutritionist explained it worked for him.

He made the revelation during an appearance on Australian news channel Studio 10, where he discussed the keto diet transitions.

“I recommend doing [keto] for up to eight weeks depending on how long you want to sustain it for,” he said. “Lots of rapid weight loss, lots of fat burning.

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“I got my belt in a notch and my blood sugar and blood pressure – which had been creeping up – I brought them back down.”

He explained it’s a method that works because the Mediterranean diet tackles hunger cues for unhealthy food.

“People tend to eat the wrong foods because it feels good to do so,” he said.

“When you bite down into a muffin or dive into a packet of crisps, you are responding to carefully-designed cues, put in place by food manufacturers, to use food as a defence not just against hunger, but against stress.

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“The Mediterranean-style diet tackles this problem at its root.

“Based on the diet that has been enjoyed for centuries by people living in and around Southern Europe, it avoids processed foods, is free from added sugar and refined carbohydrates, and instead uses ingredients that have been scientifically proven to make you feel good.”

The Mediterranean diet has become hugely popular because it is full of good foods that provide numerous health benefits.

It has been linked to a long list that includes:

Weight loss

Healthy blood sugar levels

Heart health

Brain function

It has been linked to a long list that…

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