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Hello friends, welcome to 1moRep Today, I am going to tell you about the ketogenic food. People say, on a ketogenic diet one can have as much protein and as much fatty as they demand but no carbohydrates at all. If you followed ketogenic food this mode, ketosis would have never happened in your figure. Are you wondering what ketosis is? don’t worry I’ll excuse about ketosis and a few other important information about ketogenic food So If you want to know more, watch this video without skipping. First, I’ll tell you what ketosis is Our body exerts two energy sources one is carbohydrates and the other one is solids when we eat carbohydrates our torso proselytizes it into glycogen and collects it in the muscle so, as long as we gobble carbohydrates our organizations will use that as the preferred energy source.Only in the is a lack of carbohydrates, our body will use overweights for exertion when their own bodies uses flabs for vigour it displays ketones the process of producing ketones in our figure is called ketosis. our body is not easily get into ketosis we can know if our torso is in ketosis by simply taking a urine test. In the respite report, you’ll find a appraise called ketones If the appraise is na or nil, then there are no ketones in our body.If there are no ketones then our form is not in ketosis this way we can determine is our body is in ketosis or not. alright, ketosis makes proselytizing fat as power but when does ketosis happen? How to get our figures into ketosis? For ketosis to happen we should follow a ketogenic diet In a ketogenic diet, 70% of our caloric intake should be from solids 25% should come from protein and merely 5% should come from carbohydrates when there are low carbohydrates in our organization The glycogen stored in the body gets lower At this moment, the amount of energy that comes from carbohydrates is extremely low. so the body will use the already stored fat This will cause the fatten to burn this is ketogenic food in theory You might have a question that If you start a ketogenic diet will you lose weight fast In the first 2 weeks of ketogenic nutrition, you will definitely lose a lot of weight Regrettably, that weight loss is not from your torso obesity the above reasons is, like I indicated by the before the body implementations carbohydrates as its opted vigor source And when we stop make carbs, their own bodies consumes overweights for power But what actually happens when you stop making carbs are The form will continue to use the glycogen that is has stored in the liver One interesting point is, one gram of carbohydrate can hold up to 4 grams of ocean So if you lose 250 grams of carbohydrate you will lose one litre of irrigate along with it.When this happens you will feel like you’ve unexpectedly discontinued 2-3kgs but you’re not losing overweight, you’re just losing carbs and sea losing 2kgs in “two weeks ” can sound like an advantage for countless but there is a catch, during the course of its firstly two weeks we may get keto influenza. you can say this is one side effect of keto diet. when I say side effects it is nothing to freak out. When you start ketogenic diet our torsoes go into ketosis When this happens there is a counteraction that happens in our form at this time we get nausea, diarrhea but once our figures get into ketosis after few weeks you will start feeling well again so we got past keto flu and “weve lost” few kgs in the process what about fat loss after that quality? Will it be fast or gradual? merely at this top, we should compare fat loss with ketogenic diet and other foods the quantities of calories we burn in a date depends on the type of physical work we do and the amount of exercise we do so if you ate lesser than the calories you burn than your person will be in a caloric inadequacy It doesn’t matter what food you follow For example if your person is in a caloric inadequacy when you are eating at 2000 calories It doesn’t matter if you devour 2000 cal in keto or if you 2000 calories from a balanced diet.The body burns the same amount of overweight. If you still find caloric lack to be a very confusing hypothesi. I’ve already made a video on this before, You can find the link in the name poster above. So far I’ve told you about the positives and negatives about the keto diet, but should you try it? Will it be effective for you? You can lose overweight next following any kind of diet. But the kind of diet that you can adhere to without cheating is the best one for you to choose If you feel that way about ketogenic nutrition then unquestionably fo for ketogenic diet.But when you follow keto diet you need to have few things in spirit. Like I said before the body helps up all the carbs in the body when you get into a ketogenic nutrition and it abuses solid for energy. so, in the absence of carbohydrates, our figure harbours less spray So the first important tip is when you are on a ketogenic food drinking more liquid than you often do second, because our body inhibits less spray there are chances of getting a mineral imbalance.So it is advisable to take a multivitamin and mineral add-on The third is a fiber supplement because we eat mostly fat and protein and less veggies because vegetables likewise contain some carbohydrates So if you don’t get enough fabric then it may lead to constipation. Apart from this, some people can really benefit from ketogenic food. then there parties with type 2 diabetes when the doctor tells them that they should decrease their blood sugar soon these parties when they follow a keto diet their blood sugar heights plummet. if this is you, you can definitely try ketogenic diet because when you trimmed your carbohydrate uptake your blood sugar tiers plummet and your blood sugar elevations can come to a controlled position soon, But above all this, I don’t like ketogenic diet the reason is, we are all Indians and the majority of members of our diet is from carbohydrates I need my rice, dosa, and idlis but you cannot eat all these when you are on ketogenic food. but you might think that you can have it as a cheater snack eventually. But when you have a cheat meal we are introducing carbohydrates again.When there are carbs, the body comes back to carbohydrates for exertion and our mas starts out of ketosis. so once we start keto again, depending on the number of carbohydrates we eat it will take time to get back to ketosis again. this is one reason. Everyone has their favorite kind of exercise. Personally, I cherish weight learn Any kind of intense or high-intensity exercise like boxing, sprinting, load course etc depends on carbohydrates( glycogen) for energy. so ketogenic diet is not suitable for these kinds of exercisings. I compete and I need my high-pitched protein and carbohydrates for my workout. So it doesn’t clothing my lifestyle. due to these reasons, I don’t like ketogenic nutrition and it is not helpful as well. So, based on your goals, your lifestyle and if you can live without eating carbs, tell me if you would follow a ketogenic diet in specific comments I believe this video would’ve given you a good sum of data concerning ketgenic food If you enjoyed watching this video, don’t’ forget to like.If this is your first stay to my path, do subscribe and too affected the bell icon. After this shoot, I am going to have mysorepak If you are on keto you can’t have this as well, so suppose before decide. I’ll see you again with another instructive video. Bye-bye.

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