Keto Day 2 Update | Avoid The Keto Flu

hey guys welcome back to my day to Quito
update so yesterday was better than the first day for sure I still had an
immense amount of energy but I didn't notice that was in kind of a like sort
of pissing this towards the end of the day and I don't think it was hunger I
just felt like emotionally a little bit weird which is odd for me I don't really
have you know huge swings like that so I was very aware that it was happening but
it wasn't intense and it did not last past last night which was again in the
bottom of day two and let's see what else I had the bulletproof coffee in the
morning and then I had four other meals at 10:00 one three and seven ish and I'm
used to eating five to seven meals a day because of the bikini bodybuilding that
I did for a good long while so I think I'm gonna have to consolidate put more
calories and more stuff into three separate meals because I just feel like
it would work better I'm gonna try that tomorrow on day three so stay tuned for
that update tomorrow but I did want to mention that I have been completely able
to avoid the keto flu and I'm pretty sure that there are a couple reasons for
that because from what I understand this thing is pretty intense so I did not
want anything to do with it and I was very careful to make sure to supplement
naturally so that that didn't happen to me and I have the last couple of days
like mowed the lawn and worked out I mean I did a little bit of a run but
mowing the lawn in Louisiana is like an Olympic event it's so much you're
burning so many calories it's very very intense and normally I would have felt
completely zapped at the back of that and I wasn't I plowed right through it
so to replace my electrolytes and I know that there are loads of drinks that you
can buy and stuff like that but I'm not one for that I'm you know always gonna
do DIY if I can because I think it's cleaner and it's certainly more cost
effective so what I put in there was a teaspoon of cream of tartar which is
basically pure potassium and a quarter teaspoon of sea salt or any other kind
of salt but don't use like regular table salt because that stuff's you
okay don't use that so any kind of sea salt Himalayan pink salt whatever and
then I used a half a packet of the Walmarts great value orange sunrise it's
like a sugar free thing that you can make I guess like flavored water out of
or whatever it was intensely good think of like a very light margarita it had
that like sweet salty taste and I did that yesterday and I'm telling you I
have more energy right after I drank that than I think I traditionally do
when I drink a pre-workout so going into next week when I actually start my
weight training again I'm gonna try that I'm gonna just completely get rid of
like my pre-workout drinks and I'm gonna try that right before and just see if
that is able to kind of push me over we'll say I might add some caffeine to
it but anyway stay tuned because I'll post updates about that because if you
could get rid of the pre-workout well first off that's 50 bucks a month and
it's also healthier for you so so I did that once a day yesterday and then right
before bed I took a magnesium and calcium supplement and then also a
collagen supplement and I have felt I actually did that the first day too and
I've had zero any kind of like keto flu ish symptoms I've had no cramping no
anything I mean a little bit in the mood swing department but again I think
that's just sort of your body adjusting I was hungry yesterday between meals but
I'm always hungry between meals and it's because my mind is running that
countdown of like oh how many hours until the next meal 2.5 hours so I think
in day 3 tomorrow I'm gonna try to switch to 3 consolidated meals and see
what happens but I can definitely say that I woke up
with a ton of energy again and I feel and I don't have any proof of this and
I'll come back to it in one second but I feel like leaner and you know it's one
of those things where you're not sure like is it the placebo effect because
you think you're supposed to be feeling leaner but you know you know your body
and I don't feel as kind of puffy as I and I did drink by the way like probably
80 ounces of water yesterday just straight water with no no sweeteners or
anything in it um so a lot of water replacing those electrolytes with that
potassium you know the cream of tartar and the sea salt and then the magnesium
and collagen supplements in the evening I feel like that has helped me to just
sail right through these first couple of days I'm very happy with that wanted to
share with you guys because not only does that drink tastes amazing but it's
like five cents to think and it's like completely natural except for the orange
you know sugar-free I think I'm gonna look for something that's a little bit
more like keto friendly but that's what I had so what else oh why I said I have
no proof of this because and I'm the kind of person you don't have in my
bathroom like a log and you know if you know anything about bodybuilding it's
like always you know obsessively checking your weight and whatnot and I
am really kind of trying to move away from that a little bit and make it more
about like how does my body feel because weight may not necessarily be a clear
indication especially for people who lift heavy because you know muscle in
fat so it's just not a clean calculation like that so I'm not gonna weigh in
until the end of the week cuz I just feel like it would be mentally sort of
discouraging like look say that I had said to myself like oh I should be three
pounds down then I was only two and a half you know that's the kind of thing
that your mind archives and repeats you know when you're having a moment of
weakness and goes like well hey you know it's not working anyway so you might as
well quit so I don't want to feed my brain that kind of garbage so I said you
know what I'll just weigh at the end of the week and that is taking an immense
amount of willpower try to think if there's anything else for day two but I
don't think so I think just definitely wanted to share that recipe for kind of
avoiding that keto flu and just the importance of just drinking water and
getting proper rest in these first couple days because it's like anything
you know if you have surgery or whatever the case if you're asking some you know
huge leap of your body it's always great to say hey body let me you know do what
I can do from my end like give you some extra rest and you
maybe not drink and do whatever so that's it I will see you guys in day 3
when I consolidate to meal 3 so if you're interested in seeing that don't
forget to click the like and subscribe button and turn on that little bells so
you can see when I post my new video see you guys tomorrow

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