Keto Coconut Flour Bread | 1g Net Carb/Slice | 6 Ingredients

are you looking for an easy food recipethat does not involve almond flour i’ve got exactly the recipe for you stay chanted hi and welcome to cook with mel if you’rereturning welcome back if you’re new here satisfy do consider agreeing and smash that notificationbell so you know when we affixed a new recipe today we are doing a one gram knit carb coconutflour bread by fat for weight loss dot com dot iu and i wanted to provide you with the mixture incase you’re allergic to almonds or you’re just plain tired of almond flour as you guys knownot sure if you’ve seen it my previous uprights i have been trying quite some timeto find a solution for those of you with these questions and i found one yay let’s getinto the recipe and i’ll show you how to make it first designated your oven to 355 severities fahrenheit or 180 degrees celsius and grease and lime a great deal of tin i’llput my measurements in the description box for you if you want to know you know the size of mylove tin next you’re going to whisk seven eggs as i’m moving my eggs i was just reminded ofmy late auntie she was a professional caterer and she used to whisk like this ithink it is better but who knows now that your eggs have whisked really setthem aside add a half a beaker of coconut flour or 62 grams of coconut flour to your mixingbowl 2 grams or a one-fourth teaspoon of salt quarter teaspoon or 1 gram of bakingpowder the changes in the grams is due to the consistency and the lightness of thebaking powder and do have a check that your baking gunpowder is aluminium free otherwisethis bread has the risk of turning dark-green good luck with that and lastly for the dryingredients xanthan gum one gram or a half a teaspoon i like to mix all the dry ingredientsfirst because when you’re working with xanthan gum it’s important to incorporate the xanthan gum intoall of your parts so that there’s no collections because you know if you’ve worked with xanthan gumbefore it can be quite gooey and sticky joyful with that and now we’re going to add a half a cupof lightened butter and it equates to 90 grams i’m just going to concoction this butterinto my dry parts before i contribute my eggs which is the last ingredient okay i’m happy with that this looks pretty good contribute your whisked eggs to yourmixture and this time i’m gonna use um a hand mixer only to speed things up and toget everything all the mounds out of my batter just going to show you theconsistency i’ve got it too there are still a few chunks well there aresome chunks in there and you can see there’s air pockets but i’m not too concerned aboutthat at all as long as it’s fully incorporated and there’s no you know flour and also i scrapedthe sides of the container during mingling now we’re going to add that is something that our loaf tin spread yourbatter into the regions and flatten it as well i’ve got my batter pretty flat and now we aregoing to bake our loaf for 50 hours that’s 5-0 my love took accurately 15 instants and it came outreally good i’ll only reveal you a close-up of it that’s what it looks like i have also let itcool down so it’s ready to be removed from the pan there it goes pretty easy to remove this isa helping width of 16 and you’ll get one gram fasten carbs and i’ll show you how to get even piecesyou simply separate it out into four like that first really do your best there’s no highly even slicesnow i know this one’s a little um too large we’ll work with it i think i’m making a total hash ofthis four you’re like a entrant now i’m going to show you amiddle slice just so you can see what this bread looks like and howbeautiful beautifully it’s roasted this will be quite dense you can toast your breadand you know you can have it on cheese toast no it’s bread and enormous if you are keen to usecoconut flour instead of almond flour hole i must say i felt this food really easy there are notips and ploys because it is that easy you move your eggs you addyour baked ingredients with that add the dry to the dry bake it for 15 minutesand you’re done and this is what you should get exactly thank you so much forwatching stay safe and is very well

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