Kenetik Outperforms Other Ketone Products in Recent Clinical Study Better Taste, Easy to Digest, Just as Effective

WASHINGTON DC, NY, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 / — Kenetik has been identified as the best overall ketone product in a recent clinical study, led by Dr. Jonathan P. Little of the University of British Columbia.

Existing ketone products contain either ketone salts or ketone esters. Dr. Little’s team wrote, “While both forms of exogenous ketones are utilized extensively for research purposes, they do present with potential side effects and concerns that can make adhering to a longer-term supplement regimen challenging. Ketone salts lead to a high occurrence of gastrointestinal symptoms, while currently available ketone monoesters have a bitter and unpleasant taste.”

Kenetik is a new category of ketone product using a patented blend of D-BHB and R-1,3BD, or a blend of bioidentical ketones. Dr. Little’s study compared Kenetik against ketone ester and pure R-1,3BD products. The study looked at the effects of each product on circulating ketone levels, glucose levels, gastrointestinal distress and supplement acceptability.

The research team found that “all three exogenous ketone supplements employed in this study induce exogenous ketosis and exhibit glucose-lowering effects with no distinct evidence of causing gastrointestinal distress.”

The team noted though, that Kenetik has the distinct advantage of being more acceptable to consumers because of its taste, ease of consumption (Kenetik comes in both a ready-to-drink version as well as a concentrate), and how the consumer feels after drinking it. While this is a subjective measure in some ways, study subjects preferred it to others.

Research using ketone esters and salts has revealed the potential of D-BHB to support brain health and for treatment of chronic metabolic conditions such as diabetes and dementia, but taste and tolerability limit their long-term use

Devon Price, co-founder of VitaNav, makers of Kenetik, remarked, “For years, scientists have been learning about the exciting functional benefits of ketones. The remaining challenge has been to create a ketone supplement that works well, and that people want to consume regularly. We believe…

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