Jak wygląda mój KETO dzień jedzenia #2 | Jadłospis na cały dzień | LOW CARB

Welcome to the Tłuste Gary network. I invite you to an additional keto eating day. For morning meal, I suggest a salad with avocado, ham and veggies. On a board, I cut 2 low-salt cucumbers, then the cherry tomatoes. The bigger ones are halved, while the smaller sized ones are left in their totality. Cut a large avocado in half, use a spoon to get the contents as well as reduce into smaller sized pieces.Divide the 3 hard-boiled eggs into quarters. I placed a mix of any type of selected salads on a plate, add cut cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I put two pieces of pork between. I add the formerly cut avocados and also eggs. Currently we carry on to the prep work of the sauce. I include in the glass vessel: 3 tablespoons of olive oil, one tsp of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper as well as a teaspoon of any dried natural herbs. Mix every little thing completely and also put over the salad. The main training course today is broccoli and cauliflower lotion soup. On a board, I reduced one large onion into plumes. In a pot, I dissolve one tbsp of butter and include the onion. I fry gently, after that add around 200 grams of broccoli, separated into cauliflower florets, and also cover the entire with broth. It can be veggie or meat broth along with bone broth.Cover with a lid as well as cook from boiling for regarding 15 mins.

At the same time, I prepare salutes. From protein bread, the recipe can be located on my channel, the link is additionally consisted of in the description below, I reduced 2 pieces and also divide them into smaller pieces. In a fry pan, I heat up a tablespoon of butter and also add toast. I fry them till they are crispy. Then alloted to cool off. When the vegetables are prepared, I add spices, salt, pepper and also 50 ml of 30%lotion. I mix every little thing right into a smooth lotion. Prior to blending, you can place some broccoli aside for design. There are three portions for the soup. Pour the prepared soup into bowls. We embellish with boric acid as well as toasts. Appreciate your dish:-RRB- The second component of the supper will certainly be baked salmon with veggies. Cut a piece of zucchini regarding 200 grams right into smaller sized items. I do the very same with larger cherry tomatoes. I placed whatever in a casserole meal. I add spices: salt, pepper and also dried herbs. I put two three tablespoons of olive oil over it, and after that mix it to make sure that every little thing is well combined.Season a piece of salmon with salt and also pepper, after that put the previously cut lemon slices in addition to it. I place salmon and vegetables right into a preheated oven to 190 levels C for regarding 25 mins. After taking it out of the stove, I placed every little thing on a plate and supper prepares. I welcome you for a coffee now, today the cold version. For this objective, we brew coffee. When the mixture has actually cooled, fill up the ice mold with it. You can prepare it the day prior to or in the morning, so that you can make coffee as soon as possible in the afternoon. I pour 100 ml of veggie into a glass, for me it is a combination of almonds as well as coconut, after that I add 50 ml of 36%lotion and also complete the whole with iced coffee cubes.I offer almonds with coffee, there are 30 grams of them. This is what my food day resembled today. Thank you significantly

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