Is Surimi Keto Friendly?

Have you heard of surimi? Chances are, you might’ve eaten this at your favorite sushi restaurant but didn’t know what it was called. Let’s learn more about this seafood paste and find out, “is surimi keto friendly?”

Is Surimi Keto Friendly
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What Is Surimi?

Surimi is a paste created by Japanese chefs in the 12th century. It is made from fish, usually Alaskan pollock or other seafood. And it is used as the main ingredient of many food and snacks.

It is often used to mimic the texture and color of different seafood. But the most popular among them is the imitation crab meat. And contrary to popular belief of it being called “imitation” seafood, surimi is made with actual seafood.

Additionally, since it’s used to mimic a variety of seafood, it is available in many shapes, forms and textures.

Nutritional Information For Surimi

Since imitation crab meat is the most common surimi dish, let’s analyze its nutritional information.

85g of imitation crab meat gives you 81 calories and has 13g of total carbs. But 0.4g only comes from dietary fiber and 5.3g comes from sugar. Additionally, it has 450g of sodium and 17mg of cholesterol.

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If you’re interested in its full nutritional information, you can check this out.

Now that we’ve learned its nutritional information, let’s find out, is surimi keto friendly? Continue reading below!

Is Surimi Keto Friendly?

No. Surimi is not keto friendly. It is high in carb, with 5.3g coming from sugar. Furthermore, it is highly processed and filled with unhealthy ingredients.

So if you are on keto and would like to eat seafood, you will have to look for alternatives.

Keto Alternatives For Surimi

If you’re on keto and is craving some seafood, then it’s best to go for dishes with fresh seafood as their ingredients.

Most shellfish, especially crabs, are keto friendly. And you can eat or prepare dishes like crab imperial while on the keto.

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