Is Honey Mustard Keto Friendly?

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People love honey mustard for its sweet yet tangy flavor. However, can people on the keto diet also enjoy this condiment? Is honey mustard keto friendly? Let’s find out!

Is Honey Mustard Keto Friendly

What Is Honey Mustard?

Honey mustard is simply honey mixed with mustard. And these two ingredients are usually mixed in a 1:1 ratio. However, at times, other ingredients like vinegar and olive oil are also added.

This mustard is both sweet and tangy. It is commonly used in sandwiches, as finger food dip and as a salad dressing.

Nutritional Information For Honey Mustard

Before we answer the question “is honey mustard keto friendly?”, let us first analyze its nutritional information.

Two tablespoons or 30g of honey mustard has 139 calories, 12g of total fat and 7g of total carbs. It has 0.1g of dietary fiber so it means it has 6.9g of net carbs. Additionally, it has 6mg of potassium, 154mg of sodium and 0.3g of protein.

Is Honey Mustard Keto Friendly?

No, it’s not. Though it is high in fat, it is not keto friendly for two reasons. First, it has honey, a high-glycemic sweetener that people on keto should avoid. Second, it has too much net carbs (6.9g per 30g serving).

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Keto Alternatives For Honey Mustard

Luckily, there are other varieties of mustard that are keto friendly. See alternatives below!

Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard or mustard is low in net carbs. It has 1.8g of net carbs and 3.4g of total fat per 100g.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a traditional mustard from France. And it is low in net carbs and free from unhealthy ingredients.

Spicy Brown Mustard

This type of mustard is named as such because of the brown mustard seeds used to make it. Like the mustard varieties mentioned above, spicy brown mustard is low in net carbs, too.

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