Is Cumin Keto Friendly?

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Cumin is one of the most popular and common food spices. And people on the keto diet want to know — is cumin keto friendly? Read more to find out!

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What Is Cumin?

Cumin is a spice made from the dried seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. And it is, both in whole and ground form, one of the most commonly used spice in many cuisines, including Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African and Indian cuisines.

In Indian cuisine, cumin is most commonly used as a whole seed. And in Latin American and Middle Eastern dishes, it is most commonly used in its ground form. Furthermore, this spice is a common ingredient in chili powder, garam masala, curry powder and many more.

Nutritional Information For Cumin

Let us analyze cumin’s nutritional information before answering the question, “is cumin keto friendly?”

A serving size of one teaspoon of cumin has 7.9 calories, 0.5g total fat and 0.9g of total carbs. A serving also has 0.7g of net carbs because 0.2g of its total carbs come from dietary fiber. Furthermore, it has 38mg of potassium and 0.4g of protein.

Is Cumin Keto Friendly?

Yes, cumin is keto friendly. It is low in net carbs (0.7g per serving) and in total fat (0.5g per serving) and is also free from unhealthy ingredients.

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However, since it is low in fat, you have to make sure to eat more keto friendly food that are rich in healthy fats.

Where To Get Cumin?

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