How to Order Keto-Friendly Jimmy John’s | The UNWICH!

Oh. I'm famished. I'm gonna go get an
unwich from Jimmy John's, starting now. Hey, guys!
Welcome to A.D.Keto. I'm totally starving. This is the channel where we talk about
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notification whenever I upload new content. All right, guys. So I'm kind of famished, and the family and I are going to get subs tonight. Now… subs?! "How are you gonna get a sub, dude?! A sub roll?! Do you how many carbs are in a sub roll?!" No.

Jimmy John's is the place that we go. And actually, we like to substitute any J-name for Jimmy
John's. We usually say we're going to Jackie Joe's. We're going to Jeffy Jim's.
We're going to Joey Jake's. Anything goes. So. Goin' to Joey Jake's tonight, and they do this thing called an unwich, which is a lettuce wrapped sub. Perfect for keto. So I'm gonna hop on to
Jacky Joe's website, and order some subs. Let's go to Jeffie Jake's dot com. "Fresher.
Faster. It's just the way I roll. So I'm gonna log in here. I have already got a
thing, and here we go. This is their online ordering. You can make it a group

I'm not gonna do that, because I'm just… um…Everyone who's ordering is in
this house: Myself, my wife, my three kids. We're each ordering a sub. This "Make a
group order" is if you've got people from a bunch of different places, like… if I had…
I can send a link, basically, to my friends, and say, "Hey, throw your order on
this order, and it'll keep it all together." I'm not doing that tonight. I'm
going to make a regular order, and it's going to be for pickup. So here's what they've got. I'm going to do
an 8-inch sub sandwich, and look at all these options. I think what I got last
time, that I really really liked, ooh they have giant club sandwiches.
Uh oh. This is my guy, right here.

The Ultimate Porker. Just then the name alone
makes me happy. They also have a Gargantuan. "Huge enough to feed the
hungriest of all humans." I don't think this is me tonight. Maybe some other time I think I'm going to stick with a giant club sandwich. I'm going to get… I'm going to go with The Ultimate Porker. The Ultimate Porker. Who wants it? Aaron wants it. Choose my bread. This is the biggest… the key right here. Look what they've got.

UNWICH, which which is a lettuce wrap. I'm not gonna get a drink, even though they have
some keto-friendly stuff here. Not getting any chips, cookie, pickle…
Include napkins? Sure. And then this is the key right here. I customize this bad
boy. So this is the magic of Jimmy John's. I'm going to get extra bacon. I'm gonna
keep my ham regular. I'm gonna go easy on the tomatoes. I'm not gonna get any

Look at these freebies. Give me
some easy cucumber, no mustard. Do Iwant peppers? No. No vinaigrette. No
mustard. Easy on the lettuce. Easy on the onions. Easy on the oregano. This is my
guy, right here. These extras. These things cost some dough,
but avocado spread, you guys. Avocado spread. YES.
Regular provolone cheese. I'm gonna add some roast beef, and add on turkey. You
know what? I'm gonna switch that. I'll do easy on the roast beef, regular on the turkey.
Vito meat / capicola? Genoa salami… boy, so tempting. So, so tempting. I'm gonna… I'm
not gonna do any of this this time. But this is going to be my Ultimate
Porker. I'm gonna add this to my order. "Include napkins" is a line item! I love
that! When? I'm gonna leave this "as soon as possible", because I've got to give this
to my family so we can add more food. But once they do, I'll come back, and we'll
place this order and then I'll get my butt out of here.

So stick right there. OK, so I'm back. Everybody has ordered here. Man, $48.98. I think mine is
the most. Mine's a $13 sub. Everyone else stayed in the single digits. But hey — I
want me some extra meat, okay? I want some extras. So I'll go check out. Come on, Joey Jake. There's my card. I'll blur all this stuff out. This… I know this this is this blurry
number. "Order is not placed until you click 'Place Order' button below. So let's
place it. All right, "Thanks for your order." We are good to go. Time: As soon as
possible. Let's do it! Let's play a game on the way there. Try and come up with
the most ridiculous two-name combination. Both names have to start with J.
Jiminy Jared's. Jared's a different sub place, Caroline. Let us not
mention Jared ever again. Jeoffrey Jellyneck. Josiah Jordan. January…Joonnnnnnes.

There is an actress named January Jones. Jeffy Jeff's. Josie Jack's.
Jimmy Jillicker's. I didn't know it was right here! Yeah, it's right her. Let's go get Jackie Jack's. Free smells?! I'm picking up an
order for Aaron. Got it right here! Awesome. Do you guys have a box? We can absolutely do that. All right, great. Thank you! Okay, so back from Jimmy John's. My
stomach is full. That was delicious. The Unwich is the way to go. I love me
some lettuce wraps. So flippin' good. One thing I was curious about — I didn't
really have a clear indication of what the nutrition information is.

However, I
realized that as I was ordering, I had the capability of twirling down this one
menu item, and watching the nutrition information change as I updated my order. So here's that. The nutrition information for the sandwich I just devoured,
ravenously, is six hundred and thirty calories, thirty two point five grams of
fat, nine… sorry. Eight point five net carbs, and about seventy nine grams of
protein. So, hey. That hit the spot. Good, good macros on it. So yeah. To get
there as you're ordering online, just click that nutrition info thing. It'll
twirl down, and there you go. It'll update on the fly. Like, if I were to add things,
it's just sort of updating here as you go. So there you go, guys. That's Jimmy
John's. Is there… you know, a Jimmy Jake's near you guys? I know that they're…
it's kind of an up-and-coming franchise.

They're not everywhere at the moment. I
happen to have one near me, which is really, really great. There are so many
great options. I I'm very partial to The Ultimate Porker, in part because it's
absolutely delicious, but I think equally because I just love the name of the
sandwich. How can you go wrong with something
called The Ultimate Porker?! Sso let me know what you guys get. Leave a comment down below, and that's gonna wrap it up for this video. Hope you guys
enjoyed it. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I will see you next time. So let me know what you guys. ge… Gonna
get an Unwich at Jimmy Goms. Ooh Icon!.

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