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The time has come to ask yourself from where too much fat or obesity come? What’s the cause of it? And how to overcome it? There are many reasons for obesity, although the main cause is our lifestyle, and food choices we make on a daily basis. 

There is no denying that more than 70% of people on earth have developed weight issues and its fatal consequences come in the form of many health afflictions or disorders . Obesity openly invites cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, breathing problems, joint pain, diabetes, clinical depression, anxiety, high BP, and even mortality. 

Obesity or excessive amounts of fat in the body is a definite alarming health issue which leads towards ill health, and diseased body. It is a fastest growing concern which undoubtedly has adverse consequences among obese & overweight individuals. It does not only increase the risk of numerous diseases, but it also damages or affects one’s whole life. 


It is a common idea if you are obese, you are entitled to be unhealthy as well. Lots of fat in the body is the major risk that declines your overall well-being as well as makes you more prone to various mental or physical health issues. People unintentionally being trapped into obesity, do not know its actual causes. 
What are its leading causes?
1. Overeating At present time, people are getting highly addicted to processed & adulterated food. This type of eating behavior leads toward depression, emotional stress, indigestion, and unwanted or unhealthy fat storage in the body. 

2.    Mindless eating (extra sugar & calories intake)

Consuming too much sugar or sugary beverages, and high calorie food may increase the risk of high blood pressure, liver diseases, visceral fat accumulation, type 2 diabetes & weight gain. Unhealthy eating or poor eating habits may cause various health risks and can even lead to stroke & cancer. 

3.    Lack of physical activity

Moving too little or not getting enough physical activity can bring many health risks including heart diseases, metabolic deficiency, high cholesterol, and much more. Moreover, it weakens your entire immune…

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