Can You Follow Keto Diet As A Vegetarian?

Weight Loss: Quinoa is a great addition to your diet if you want to dry the keto diet as a vegetarian

The advantages of vegetarian and ketogenic diets for health have received substantial research. A high-fat, low-carb diet that has recently gained a lot of popularity is the ketogenic, or keto diet. Despite the fact that it frequently includes animal products including meat, fish, and fowl, it can be modified to meet a vegetarian diet.

This modified version of the keto diet may be of benefit to many Indians as vegetarianism is extremely common and prevalent in India. In addition to this, a plant-based diet or even becoming entirely vegetarian can be beneficial for your health. In comparison to meat eaters, vegetarians often have fewer chronic diseases and may live longer. In this article, we discuss how a ketogenic diet can be modified and followed by people who follow or prefer a vegetarian diet.

How to follow a keto diet as a vegetarian?

The vegetarian keto diet combines vegetarianism with keto dieting in one eating strategy. The majority of vegetarians consume dairy but forego eggs, meat, and fish. This might defy the idea of a traditional keto diet.

In contrast, the ketogenic diet restricts daily carbohydrate intake to 20–50 grams. When you consume extremely little carbohydrates, your body enters ketosis, a metabolic condition in which it starts using fat as fuel rather than glucose. On a conventional ketogenic diet, about 70% of your daily caloric intake should be made up of fat, which may be found in foods like oils, meat, fish, and whole milk.

The vegetarian keto diet, on the other hand, forgoes meat and fish in favour of other healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. However, you should be aware that a vegetarian ketogenic diet might lead to protein, some important fats, and various vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The type of vegetarian diet you follow and the range of foods you eat will determine your risk for vitamin deficiencies. You are more likely to become deficient if your diet is more restrictive. Hence, it is best to seek professional guidance when trying a vegetarian keto diet.

What are the benefits of a vegetarian keto…

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