A Keto Diet Helped This Guy Lose 42kg in 5 Months

This single father-of-three’s story is pretty awesome.

Canberra local, Yem Yuon, is a single father of three who at the beginning of the year weighed in at 115kg. Using his kids as inspiration, Yem embarked on his weight loss journey in March in order to be a better role model for his kids and spend more quality time with them. In just 5 short months, Yem has lost an incredible 42kg thanks to a ketogenic diet and also building a fitness regime to exercise and build strength. It’s not just a healthier lifestyle that the 36-year-old has noticed, with his transformation inspiring himself to undertake a career change and become a nutritional coach to help others achieve their goals and understand their bodies.

Here’s how he did it.

What was your lifestyle like before the transformation?

Before I embarked on my transformation, my life was very mediocre. I never had any drive to excel any further in my work and I became comfortable, I became complacent and unmotivated – I didn’t prioritise my health and as a result, it cost me dearly my physical health, mental health and my marriage. 

What did you eat/did you exercise?

I have always had a passion for the gym and physical exercise, but I always found my diet and sleep was holding me back from my true potential. I never had the physical body to show my hard work due to poor diet choices. My first step was to research and understand calorie counting and macro nutrients. This allowed me to create a planned meal program to suit my current weight and bodyfat percentage where I could lose weight (excess body fat) by remaining in a caloric deficit – but be satiated enough that I wouldn’t be tempted to stray and cheat my diet plan. I researched food prep meals and found My Muscle Chef Meals to perfectly suit my dietary needs. Having my meals planned out in advanced and prepared allowed me to focus on my weight training, work and family life balance and my sleep. 

Yem before.

What had you tried in the past?

I have tried many diets before – low carb – carnivore – 1000 calorie a day – OMAD, you name it. I could never…

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