There are three things I promised myself to do for the next 30 days: 1) Eat Clean; 2) Exercise; and 3) Clean My Space.

I did not think these things out of the blue. They were part of a 30-day challenge that an influencer — Thea Tan — I follow, posted in the fb group I am a member of.

It was a long list, including, meditation, regularly hydrating, being civil in online discussions, and a couple more. I chose the three above.

I hydrate regularly. In fact, I often tell my wife and kids, especially as summer heat is fast overtaking us — Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I meditate day in, day out. As a Bible-believing Christian, it has been my habit to relate all things happening in and around me to the Word of God, the Bible. This influences my entire world view.

Re: being civil in online discussions and all, I practice that. I am Admin in a handful of online groups, in fb and Viber. And I operate according to the Nash Equilibrium, where no one is either a winner or a loser — ergo, where all are winners. I nip in the bud any appearance of swelling discord, and keep discussions civil.

The only item in Thea Tan’s list that doesn’t sit well with me and which would prove to be a thorn in my side or a stepping on a Lego piece, is making a to-do list. This is asking for the impossible! LOL. I am (I said) a scatterbrain.

Eat Clean. I need to get back to Keto (LCHF). I’ve been on and off, for the past (now) 4 yrs. In late 2017, I lost 35 lbs in just 3 months doing Keto. I just want my Stats to get back to normal, and my weight manageable.

I still do Keto but not as strict as before, in 2017. I need to get back to the srticter regimen, in the next 30 days.

Exercise. The pandemic, the health protocol, and all, of wearing face mask especially; has prevented me from continuing my exercise regimen, of a slow jog. Which I do, sometimes in the morning and sometimes late afternoon.

It’s no joke not being able to run, for the past 3 yrs or so.

I have walked, I mean as an exercise, on just two occasions; and very far apart. I am not happy with that. I need to return to my exercise regimen of running for 39 min to an hour, at least 3 times a week.

Finally, the third thing I need to challenge myself to do in the next 30 days is: Clean My Space.

Clean My Space. I am such a hopeless scatterbrain. I am the lizard that molts its skin and leaves it where it molted. I just left my pambahay shorts on the floor where I took it off, only for my dear wife to find it laying there… without me.


I have a couple of work areas at home that I need to Clean Space on: the garage, where I do my art work (📷 1); and the kitchen, where I prepare food (📷 2). My wife knows if I have been working there, because it’s all topsy-turvy and makalat.

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These three things, I need to do and improve on. Now that I am…


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