5 Tips for Busting your Carb Cravings on Keto

Whether your carb craving is for salty foods, sweet sugary foods or cheesy/creamy foods, they can totally derail your progress on a keto diet if you don’t have a strategy to banish them.

I share my best tips for how to stop Keto Carb Cravings ruling your life and get your weight loss fired up.

Do you know what the #1 reason people struggle with sticking to healthy habits on a ketogenic diet?

….Well, it is because of the intensity of our carb cravings.

Manufactured foods, (yes, even “healthy keto” ones) are literally designed to be addictive to us with all kinds of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and additives.

It’s natural that cravings are going to arise. The good news is that the more you eat healthy foods that came directly from the Earth (and not boxes and bags), the more the cravings subside.



When you first start a keto or low-carb diet, carb cravings are one of the MAJOR problems that you need to deal with.

So, today I wanted to share 5 ways that I personally navigate carb cravings so I can stay on track with keto, as my motivation starts to wobble…

Salted nuts are a great substitute on a ketogenic diet when you crave salty foods

 Create space in your plan for the types of foods you love

What type of carbohydrates do you miss the most? Do you crave salty foods, sweet foods or cheesy/creamy foods. Or all of the above!!

Make sure your meal plan includes those foods or recipes so you don’t start to feel deprived.

For example…

…sweet foods, make some delicious fat bombs so you can enjoy one after dinner like these Dark Chocolate Nut Fat Bombs

For salty foods, plan to have some salted macadamias and olives as a snack.

For cheese/creamy foods, make sure you’ve got a meal with cheese or cream planned such as:

Or a recipe that uses coconut cream if you’re dairy sensitive.

Not depriving yourself is actually the key to staying on track with keto

– the delicious food you can eat on keto is most likely what got you interested in the first place…

So don’t start going all low-fat on me…

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