3 of the Most Popular Simple Weight Loss Diet Plans – Which Weight Loss Diet Actually Works?

When it comes to weight loss there are more than a few diets out there you can choose to follow. However, a lot of these diets are complicated which makes them difficult to follow. People tend to avoid these complex diet plans because they know they’re not going to be able to follow them for an extended period of time.

So most people trying to lose weight are looking for a simple weight loss diet they can sustain for a long period of time. When you are looking for a simple weight loss diet you can follow you must look for certain characteristics before committing to the diet plan.

  • The diet should allow you to eat the type of foods you like. You should be able to eat whatever food you want, especially your favorite foods.
  • The diet should fit your lifestyle and budget.
  • The diet should contain the necessary nutrients and calories you need so you can lose weight effectively and safely.

When trying to lose weight you should follow a simple diet that doesn’t restrict you from eating specific foods. You should have more freedom to eat the kind of foods you like while still losing weight. Take a look at 3 of the most popular simple weight loss diet plans and decide for yourself which diet will fit your lifestyle and work the best for you.

  1. Low Carb Diets: When you follow a low carb diet plan the objective is to decrease your carbs to lower your insulin levels. The decrease in insulin levels will cause your body to burn more fat for energy. The most popular low carb diets include the atkins diet, and zone diet.
  2. Low Fat Diets: Low fat diets require you to reduce the amount of high fat foods you eat. Just remember that too many calories from any food source will cause you to gain weight, even low fat foods.
  3. Glycemic Index Diets: Glycemic index diets are similar in some ways to low carb diets, because the theory behind most of the low glycemic index diets are to lower blood sugar levels to promote weight loss. One of the most popular glycemic index diet is the south beat diet.

These are three of the most popular simple weight loss diet plans. It is going to be up to you which diet plan fits in with your lifestyle and will work the best for you.

Source by Jennifer Vanderbilt