25 Best Broccoli Side Dishes for Dinner

Forget that same old steamed broccoli and try these easy and delicious broccoli side dishes instead.

They’re so good, even the kids will ask for seconds.

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Broccoli is a terrific, bright, and healthy vegetable that goes with almost any protein.

I’m talking roasted chicken, char-grilled steak, oven-baked salmon, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to prepping it.

So, I’ve found 25 fantastic broccoli side dishes to liven up your weekly dinner menu.

They’re easy to make and sure to satisfy hungry tummies.

25 Easy Broccoli Sides Even the Kids Will Love

Broccoli and indulgent aren’t words you find together too often. Even so, that’s precisely what this creamy broccoli salad is – indulgent. 

It has such a rich taste and remarkably creamy sauce. Meanwhile, the bacon adds a touch of salty decadence, and the veggies are super crunchy. 

It’s easily one of the best broccoli side dishes you’ll ever eat. 

Parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts are a favorite side dish of mine. So that’s why it’s surprising it took me so long to try Parmesan-roasted broccoli.

This bright and tangy side barely even tastes like broccoli.

In fact, it’s so cheesy, garlicky, and lemony, your family will probably gobble it up before you can even say “broccoli.”

If you need a vegan version of roasted broccoli, simply leave out the Parmesan. It’s still crunchy and tasty, just without all the cheese. 

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If you enjoy that salty-cheesy taste, try sprinkling over some nutritional yeast!

This recipe also leaves out the garlic, but I always add it.

Okay, so this recipe is for steamed broccoli, but it’s not “plain old” steamed broccoli.

This is an ultra-cheesy recipe for broccoli smothered in cheese. And the cheese makes all the difference. 

Serve it once, and you’ll crave it again and again.

If you like rice on the side of your meals but wish it had fewer carbs, try this recipe.

We all know cauliflower rice is…

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