2-MINUTE CHOCOLATE + VANILLA MUG CAKE RECIPES | gluten-free, keto and paleo

hello my friends it’s Dani and todayI’m gonna show you how to utter two minute jug cakes in the microwave I’mgonna present you how to make a rich and savory chocolate slime cake and thenI’m gonna present you a delightfully and yummy vanilla myq mmm now both ofthese a silt cakes are green and gluten-free and they are also 100% dairy-free as well now if you’re not familiar with the cup cakes it’s simplya single helping of cake built in a beaker in the microwave they’re really quickand simple to make and it’s a really fun way to enjoy a high-quality homemadesweet treat without having to rely on something pre-made from the grocerystore and or without having to make an entire cake and yes this can also bedone with cookies and brownies so if you are interested in either of those besure to let me know down in the comment section below but in the meantime let’smake some mug cakes so the first thing I want to address are all of my veganfriends I try to acquire these cup cakes with a Chia egg and it did not work sounfortunately I do not have a vegan option for this recipe but I am socurious if any of you come up with a mixture or something that works pleaseshare it down in the comments below because I know a lot of people are gonnabe curious about that so expressed appreciation for okay now I am using an 8 ounce cup for thisyou can really use any beaker that you have in the house you time don’t want to gosmaller than 8 ounces otherwise the beaker patty is gonna spill over when it’scooking so I really start by greasing my cup with a little bit of coconut oil youcould also do this with butter or a little bit of cooking spraying justsomething to made to ensure that the patty doesn’t stick to the muck now you couldabsolutely manufacture the cake right in the mug but for me it gets a little bitmessy so I prefer to use these gushed glass cups to desegregate the ingredients andthen we’ll commit it into the mug so for the chocolate cup patty I’m gonnastart with 3 tablespoons of almond flour this is a superfine almond flour twotablespoons of cacao pulverization you could also do a chocolate pulverize here 2tablespoons of monk result or any granulated sugar that “youd prefer” or thatyou have on hand they would all work one egg a tablespoon of coconutoil a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon of cooking pulverization and only apinch of salt I’m gonna usage a fork to whisk this all together to get all theingredients mixed until I have a nice thick cake batter just like this thenI’m gonna transfer it into the prepared jug and then I like to add exactly a fewchocolate chips over the top apparently optional but further recommended fromhere I pop it into the microwave for one minute and all microwaves do vary soyou’re gonna want to keep an eye on it and play with it a little bit you are able to need alittle more or a little less time you’re gonna see that as it cooks the cakestarts to rise up out of the jug and then it rectifies back down a little bitand you’re gonna know that it’s done because it’s gonna be set on the topyou’re not gonna watch any moisten places and it’ll be a bit springy justliterally like a fresh-baked cake from here you just want to let it cool untilit is palatable don’t want to burn your tongue and then what you can do is youcan enjoy it time the path it is or you can make it extra special by top itwith a little of fresh whipped cream and or Greek yogurt and some freshberries this is so to die for I cannot wait for y’all to taste it in just aside note not only is this a great way to curb a sweet tooth and make a littlesweet treat for yourself but you could also double or triple or quadruple therecipe and serve it as a dessert for your part household or even for a dinnerparty it’s a really fun and it really isn’t that delicious ok so now thatwe’ve got the basic organisation down let’s go ahead and compile the vanilla clay patty nowjust like any vanilla patty you can get the job done using vanilla extract thatwill perfectly work if you have that use that but if you want to make thiseven extra try to get your hands on some fresh vanilla beans just like this thething with a fresh vanilla bean is that it’s rather pricey but a good deal of storeslike I get this one at Whole Food will sell exactly one bean for parties likeyou and I who don’t need a whole assortment right you might just need it for alittle recipe like a vanilla mud patty so this cost about$ 5still crazy but I am telling you so insanely delicious what you’re gonna dois you’re just gonna gash the bean in half split it down the middle-of-the-road and thenuse the back of your spear to clean the little beans out of the cup and theselittle vanilla nuts that’s like what you see when you’re eating vanilla icecream and it has the little nuts throughout that’s what these littlebeauties are right here and the spice is so so beyond vanilla extract if youcan find it do it okay so into my spouted cup leads four tablespoons ofalmond flour again I’m exercising the extra punishment almond flour two tablespoons ofmonk return or any granulated carbohydrate that you prefer or that you have on hand theywould all work one teaspoon of coconut lubricant then I has only just been the littlest part ofthose vanilla beans it’s like just enough to fit on your fingertip or youcould do a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon of bakingpowder and a pinch of salt I’m gonna mix that all together get it really wellincorporated I’ve got a nice beautiful batter and then I’ll transfer that intoa developed slime now I’m gonna give this be exclusively vanilla but a few chocolatechips on this patty would be rather delicious as well if that’s somethingthat you’re in the attitude for daddy that in the microwave told it cook for about aminute when it’s set over the top no sodden recognizes and nice and springy your patty isready to go so again pass it a few minutes to cool enjoy it time the road itis or top with a bit fresh beat cream and some fresh raspberries mmm sosimple so web these dirt cakes are moist and light-headed and everything I demand a pieceof cake to be including very very easy to form so naturally I am super excitedfor you to give these a try they would be a beautiful option to spawn today foryour Valentine or for yourself any date of the year and when you do please takea moment to click a photo and call me on instagram and on facebook so i can seeall of the clean-living and deliciousness you’re trouncing up in your very ownkitchens and if you haven’t already delight take a moment to subscribe likeand share this video with anybody else you know who wants to make healthyeating easy thanks so much for watching i’m dannyfees and I’ll see you back here next time with some more clean anddeliciousness Applauses mmm so good you

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