11 Fruits You Can Still Enjoy On A Keto Diet

According to Men’s Health, watermelon can complement your keto goals, but you need to exercise reserve and be judicious about the portions. At 11 grams of carbs per cup, watermelon isn’t a keto-friendly food on the surface, but if you work this summertime fave into your diet a few times a week and measure your portions, it’s totally doable. According to Healthline, Watermelon comes packing a whole host of health benefits. It tames inflammation, helps your heart, and is ultra-hydrating. Plus, it has lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that’s incredibly good for your body.

You can also have your watermelon and enjoy your ketosis if you plan it out properly. To find the sweetest, juiciest, and ripest watermelons, simply employ the tapping technique and keep your ears open for a hollow sound. Then, if you hear it, you know you’ve found a good one ready to be sliced and served up.

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