10 Costco Items That May Disappear in 2023

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You’ve heard of the kiss of death, but Costco has the star of death, or the “death star” on certain products. When a little asterisk appears on the product tag, that means it’s typically on its way out.

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Sometimes these items may reappear seasonally, but most of the time they’re being phased out for one of many reasons ranging from low sales to changing vendor agreements. Every year retailers have to decide which products to keep and which to cut, and in 2023, you may no longer find these 10 products on Costco shelves, according to Eat This, Not That.

Log Cabin Original Syrup

Breakfast may not be the same for pancake and waffle lovers if you’ve been buying your Log Cabin original pancake syrup from Costco. Costco sells it in two-packs of 64-ounce jugs. Try to stock up while supplies last at Costco’s incredibly discounted price of just $7.49 each.

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats

It’s hard to believe that such a time-tested cereal is on its way out at Costco, but popularity waxes and wanes for even big brands. The 70-ounce boxes that Costco sells, in which you’ll find two bags of cereal, are currently discounted at $8.99, an incredible deal.

Clif Builder’s Variety Protein Bars

Clif’s Builder Bars are popular among weight lifters and people eating a Keto diet, as they’re low in carbs and sugar and packed with protein. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get this particular variety at Costco warehouses for much longer. Online, a box of 18 are selling for $25.99, but they may be further discounted in stores.

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Schwartz Brothers Organic Everything Bagel Chips

If spices could be said to have trends, then the everything bagel seasoning has been one of the most popular of the past few years. You’ll find products ranging from chips and bread to hummus flavored with this tasty savory mix. However, if you were snacking on Schwartz Brothers organic everything bagel chips, you’ll be out of luck in the near future. Grab them while you still can. Online, a…

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