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Year-ender 2022: Weight loss has been one of the most explored nutritional practices since time immemorial. Be it having a change in the dietary style or adding new things to the plate or going to a nutritionist for the change that needs to be initiated, weight loss has been something in question as always. It did not change for this year as well. People who are trying to lose weight, always keep trying out new things to control their weight. From cutting down calorie intake to introducing fresh exercise routines, to lifestyle changes, the count goes on.

As we near the end of this year, here is a look at the weight loss trends that trended during this year:

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Intermittent fasting: This is the type of diet which involves a controlled fasting for some time and having a restricted diet in order to lose weight faster. This has proved to be helpful for many people, and is considered an important weight loss procedure by health experts.

Keto diet: The main focus of moving to a keto diet is to absolutely cut down carbohydrates from the diet. This further leads to loss of water weight and ultimately leading to weight loss. However, in an Indian household, and especially ones with vegetarian diet, this can be extremely difficult to manage.

Plant-based diet: this is a relatively new procedure introduced in the vegan diets, where people are shifting only to plant-based products. More fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes are introduced in the diet to control the number of consumed calories.

Home workouts: working out is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. It helps in controlling the calorie intake and maintaining the weight of the body. Besides that, it also helps in staying fit and strengthening the muscles and the joints. It helps in boosting mobility and balance of the body as well.

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