Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum: Keto Friendly?

let’s talk about xanthan gum and guar gumare they both keto-friendly and if you had a choice which one is better orworse let’s start with xanthan gum it’s used in a good deal of different menus as afood thickener to provide texture they use it in recipes to utter bread becauseit ousts like the gluten it’s an additive here’s the problem it’s usuallymade from corn glucose or even soy so if you were to consume this you want tomake sure it’s non-gmo okay if it’s non-gmo it’ll are ya but if it’s GMO you don’twant to consume it because of the corn and the soy and then who knows wherethey got the glucose from right there now there’s a certain bacteria calledXanthomonas campestris if I spelled that right I have no idea but “youre seeing” thename xantham xanthan that’s where it comes from so this bacteria fermentscorn glucose or soy certainly the carbohydrate in those three and it givesyou this gum okay so 1/2 of a teaspoon is 1.6 grams equalsone carb but it also has one gram of fiber establishing a zero cyberspace carb so thiswill not affect your blood sugar so yes it is keto friendly but make sure it’s anon GMO source okay now gar gum what’s that it comesfrom the guar bean and a half a teaspoon 1.5 grams exclusively will give you one gram ofcarb in one gram of fiber also giving you a zero web carb so this is good aswell so these are very similar but the big difference is the source so justmake sure if you do this it is non GMO this one is going to be non GMOnaturally because they don’t genetically modify this being alright so if youhaven’t seen my video on acceptable fluids on a ketogenic food you mightwant to check that one out that’s a real popular one I meditate I have like 4million views check it out right here

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