Would You Eat Bread Made Of Chicken? It’s Keto-Friendly!

The Ketogenic diet, better known to everyone now as Keto is still one of the most popular diet plans of the decade. It has one simple premise. Eat anything you want, except for carbohydrates. The only sad part about that is carbs also happen to be delicious! Luckily there are some cheats you can use to satisfy your cravings while staying true to your diet goals.

The idea behind keto is that by increasing your intake of proteins and fats while eliminating carbohydrates encourages the body to rely on a new energy source. When proteins and fats become the primary nutrient, the body starts generating ketone bodies which replace glucose that is usually generated when the body digests carbs. This has a host of benefits for the body including lower blood sugar, better results from exercise and rapid fat loss as long as a calorie deficit is maintained.

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But even if you’re serious about chasing your health goals, everyone has some days when they miss bread. Luckily, food chemistry is more amazing than we could ever imagine and it’s actually possible to create bread using chicken   as a base instead of flour. No, this isn’t a prank, you really can bake a loaf of bread using nothing but chicken, eggs and vegetables. 

This recipe is high in proteins, naturally gluten-free, low-carb and low-fat so it’s the healthiest substitute for one of the daily foods people crave most when on keto. Now, we’re not going to pretend that this tastes exactly like bread, after all, it is made from chicken. But it’s a close replication of the texture and density of bread that will hopefully help to alleviate your cravings. 

All you need to make this high-protein bread is some skinless chicken breasts, some eggs, baking powder and a blender. There’s no kneading or resting time so it’s actually pretty low maintenance in comparison to regular bread. You can also add in flavourings like cheese or some lettuce to make it moister and the final loaf with be a dense, sliceable creation ready for an innovative keto sandwich.


150 grams boiled chicken breast, roughly chopped50 grams grated Parmesan 3 eggs½…

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