Why Women Gain Or Can’t Lose Weight (Even With Keto) : Part 1 — #010

In reading all of the awesome questions I’ve been getting from listeners, it became clear that many women are struggling to see the weight loss they had hoped for with a ketogenic diet. There are many stories of weight gain with the diet switch, initial weight loss at first followed by plateaus, or just no change at all. 

So, I sat down and came up with a huge list of reasons why women can’t lose, gain, or have weight loss plateaus, even on a keto diet. 

This topic is so big I had to split it up into two episodes! This episode covers possible dietary culprits, issues in the GI tract, stress impacts, and mindset shifts.


  • Why we need to think about more than just food intake when it comes to weight loss
  • Common keto offenders to weight loss resistance
  • How food sensitivities impact your weight
  • Why calorie restriction will make you fat
  • What to do about a stalled metabolism
  • Reversing the impact of chronic dieting
  • Why you need to think about your gut health when thinking about weight
  • The impact of stress on EVERYTHING
  • Why negative thinking will keep you stalled out



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