Why White Rice Can Help With An Upset Stomach

Plain rice — hold the butter and seasonings — is known for slowing down the body’s digestive system. This effect works to your advantage if you have diarrhea. White rice is easily digestible, and adding a little salt will help your body hold onto water which is the best way to avoid getting dehydrated.

According to Healthline, if you’re not feeling up to eating solid foods, rice water can also get diarrhea under control quickly. You can try this by boiling one cup of rice in two cups of water for ten minutes, straining the rice into a large glass, and drinking the rice water. This method is the easiest way to avoid dehydration, a genuine concern when you’re down with a stomach bug.

We often reach for a bottle of ginger ale to ease nausea, and with good reason. Like rice, ginger is well-known as a remedy to alleviate stomach distress, so combine the two by adding fresh ginger to your rice or rice water for fast relief.

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