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( upbeat music) – Welcome, your best friend, tothe Bob and Brad podcast, produced by Bob and Brad, the two most famous physicaltherapists on the internet. I am accurately one half ofthe Bob and Brad team. I’m Bob. And I am connected today by Jordan who is a nutrition coachand a fitness coach. And I’m participated on my right here by Mike. He’s actually part ofthe Bob and Brad crew. They got their own channel, which they do review ofBob and Brad concoctions and other produces, fitness makes. The deed of our programtoday is why I went back on the keto diet, which isMike, why he went back on it. We were hoping to give you some the recommendations on for a beginner’s guide.And then we have someexpert advice here too, because of Jordan. – Your elbows are shaking the camera. – Oh, sorry. Jordan has worked with people who have been on the keto diets. And with her immense learning, so, Jordan, why don’t we start with you? Exactly give your background a little bit. – Sure, yeah, absolutely. So, started off various kinds of my whole, I guess, professional career inthe fitness industry. Soon decided I wanted to geta little bit more honed in on nutrition,’ generate I found that to be … Well, that’s where my heats lie. So, anyways, I is to continue to get my master’s in human nutrition. I’d like to clarify claim from the get-go I decided to go the non-dietetics route, so I is no longer a registered dietician.So the difference betweenme and a dietician is like I’m not clinical. I can’t work at a clinical adjust. I can’t do diagnosticwork, anything like that, but I did go through a master’s program, and I’ve worked in thefitness and nutrition battleground for about 10 years now. And, I predict, so that’s kind of my educational, professional background, but referring into the keto diet, I’ll just say right from the get-go. I’ve actually never gone on the keto diet. I tend to follow a verylow carbohydrate nutrition merely due to the wholefoods nature that I follow. So, I’m not pumping mybody with a lot of carbs, but I’ve never depart infull blow ketosis before. But I have worked with a lot of clientele over its first year that havegone on the keto diet, have had a lot of success with it.So I do not have personalopinion experience, but at least the background with working with a lot of differentpopulations doing it. – That’s awesome. So, Mike, why don’t yougive your background. I intend, Mike’s a physicaltherapist assistant. – Yep, so I have no training from academy on diet or nutrition. I’ve just been curiousabout it through my 20 s. Now I’m in my 30 s, andI’ve just read a lot, tried lots of different diet approaches.I was just like extremely overweight minor until high school. And then I’ve always readmore about nutrition, eventually spotcheck ketodiet like six years ago, and thought it was absolutely weird.( all laugh) And I started it basicallybased off interest. – Awesome. And I have never been on a keto diet, but I’m like Jordan inthat I went to a diet , not a diet per se, I juststarted devouring acces less carbs and certainly practice lessprocessed sugar menus. I represent, without trying, I lost 20 pounds, and it was mostly around the middle.I mean, it was really quite amazing to be honest with you about it. But why don’t we start off withone of you wanna talk about what the keto diet is? – Do you wanna pas, ordo you are willing to to do it? – Sure, I can, I represent, give a highly … I’m into like simple things, but it’s a exceedingly, very lowto no carbohydrate nutrition. I don’t know about you, Mike, but I don’t like defineit as no carbohydrates, but unbelievably, incrediblyreduced carbohydrate food, high fat- – That’s technically what it is. I mean, there are likea few niche categories of like zero carb, but that’s a entire different animal.-‘ Cause the standard, isn’t it five percentage carbs? – Five to 10. And the amount of carbs aregonna vary upon the individual. So person that is morelike obese, diabetic, more insulin sensitive isgonna have way less carbs. So through a lot of likethe research studies, they’ll stick them on atotal of like 20 grams per day. Where me, who was younger and active, like I know I can eat 50 grams per day of carbs total, and I still stay in ketosis just fine. – Yeah, I fantasize metabolism, excuse me, has a ton to do with … It’s just not a hard, concrete multitude. – It normally arrays. So like the reach would be anywhere from 80% fat down to 65% solid. Typically they say 75% solid, 20% protein and five percentage carbs is likethe standard recommendation, but they can all vary somewhat. – So there’s like a version with players where they tend to increasetheir carbs around exercisings. Isn’t that- – Yeah, there’s differentapproaches to it.So there’s cyclical keto, which is more like abodybuilding niche type thing where they’ll have carbs once a few weeks or once every other week toget some muscle glycogen, so they can train harder. There’s also an approachcalled targeted keto where they’ll simply consumelike 30 grams of carbs right before their workout. So basically they grasp thecarbs, exercise it for vitality, and after the workout within an hour, they’re like claim back in ketosis. And then there’s a standard keto diet is just you’re always in ketosis. – And we should say this, the studies that weredone on the keto diet were mostly done on service standards one and also, I reflect, maybe a little bit on the high-protein one, but the other ones had not been studied. We can’t really speak to the benefits of those.- If you have medical topics, the standard is the recommended one that’s being studied a lot.- So, what are ketonesand what is ketosis? – So ketosis is basically a thing your torso goes into when- – It’s a metabolic country. – Yeah, it’s a metabolicstate your figure goes into when you do not have glucose and carbs as your main energy source. So, you can get in this way if you’re just fasting in general, or like, say, you’re stuck on an island and you have no food andall you have is water, you’re gonna get in ketosis. What ketosis does is it producesketone figures in your person. Your body renders ketone mass. – Which are a chemical.- Yeah, it’s normally from your liver. They’ll start starting them. They will start breaking downyour accumulated solid for power. That’s what it is – Instead of carbs. So they start using fat for gasoline. – Yep, so nutritional ketosis, you can get into ketosiseating food still. You don’t have to starve yourself, but mostly to do this, youhave to keep your carbs low-pitched. – Now we should say right here, too, this is not keto acidosis. That’s something that diabetics … Correct, Jordan? – Correct, yes. – And that’s dangerous. Ketosis is not dangerous. – No. – All right, what are some ofthe benefits of the keto diet? Jordan, do you wanna name some? – Sure, yeah. So big-hearted thing in termsof like the population that I working in collaboration with, I would say like when I did nutritioncoaching full experience, I was working more withgeneral population, which, let’s just be weakened and honest, the general populationisn’t overly health in the United States.So I was working with alot of weight loss consumers. So, big-hearted thing that drillspeople towards the keto diet is weight loss. Why? Because it runs. It wreaks, just as Mike asked, when your figure is burning fat for oil. So we have excess overweights. There “theres going”. So weight loss is a big thing. I like to talk a lot aboutit in terms of brain power.So when your torso is notreliant on carbohydrates, it’s just burning ketones isjust a clean burning process in the body. I guess that’s the bestway I have to describe it. And your intelligence really likes that. Your brain loves ketonesand being fueled off that. So, really gone welfares merely in terms of I’ll just say brain health in general. There’s a liking termcalled neuroplasticity, but I don’t know how muchwe want to get into that. And too merely our brain’s ability to heal and realise new relationships and all of that. So I always reflect when I anticipate keto diet, I thoughts like brain health and weight loss. I don’t know, those are kind of the ones off the priorities in my thought. – Until I did a little research on this, I didn’t realize that thatwas one of the benefits is the fact that it plies exertion for your ability better than the other ones. It comes through the intelligence barrier there. – So like personally for me, what I would noticefrom a ketogenic nutrition is when I feed more carbs, even if it was like 200 grams a day or something, I would have constantenergy sways up and down like I’d have real goodenergy a duet hours.I’d feel satiated and penalize fora duet, two or three hours. And then I’d start to get hungry. And like when I was feeing this direction, I was still having agood amount of protein. It’s not like I was devouring … I’d say when I was calculating, “its like” 35% of mycalories are from carbs. I’d still get these insulin sways. And it would be harderfor me to focus on things. I would nearly have like … Analysts are even startinglooking at ketogenic nutrition and the mode it affects your intelligence,’ start people with ADD have claims like, “I can focus better now.” They’re too looking at itwith like hard drug addicts and rerouting their brainand the course they think.There’s therapists doing that now is another good benefit. Too, there’s been a lot of studies on nature health with it. They’ve actually likehad external stomach mannequins loping off ketones. And actually they say the heart prefers to run off ketones. And your figure actually induces ketones even if you’re not in a ketogenic regime. It’s just it’s a pretty low-grade amount. – Sure. Getting back to that brain thing, they think it may gradual the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. – Yeah, I entail, some of these neurologists like Dr. Perlmutter, I know, they are calling it typethree diabetic or diabetes, because your brainbasically can’t application glucose for exertion anymore. – Interesting. – I think it’s Dr.Perlmutterthat wrote “Brain Maker.” – He’s written a bunch. I know “Grain Brain” is one. – One solely on a morelike ketogenic mode nutrition in like Alzheimer’s. I think it’s called “BrainMaker, ” but anyways. – Yeah, he’s written a lot that I know. – I likewise participated where it maybe would help with agonizing brain gashes outcomes. Like you said, it’s a brainthing more than I realise. – This is one of the few foods that is categorized under cult now, because it became popularbasically through marketing of nutrient manufactures. That’s how it became cult, but it’s one of the foods thatis really being experimented a bunch within like the last 20 years. Like, there’s been so manydifferent universities and research groups that arelooking at different aspects of this eating and likethe benefits it can have.- We’d be remiss here ifwe didn’t talk a little bit about the possible downsides, precautions, side effects. So first since you were on it, Mike, why don’t you talk about, is it brain fog or whatever? – Yeah. So adapting to the ketogenic food is not always the easiest thing for some people. You go through basicallycarb withdrawals,( chuckles) essentially is what it is. A got a couple of days in, for me, I was fine yet when I start flowing off fatties and ketones. I still have muscle glycogenI’m burning through. So your mas has 2,000 caloriesworth of muscle glycogen you have to burn through beforeyou start creating ketones. So what often happens isonce you kind of burn through these muscle glycogen collects, you actually start excretinga lot of water through urine.And along with this muscleglycogen and ocean collects, you’re losing a bunch of electrolytes. So if you’re not replenishing them and being conscious of it, you’re gonna get really lowlevels of sodium potassium, which typically leads to a lot of these ketoflu symptoms basically. So that can be things like headache, trouble focu, precisely very tired. It can lead to heart palpitations. There’s a large amount ofside effects and people here, “I thought it was supposedto feel good on this nutrition, ” and there’s three days into it, and they’re feeling forlorn. And it’s this adaptation period you kind of have to get through. And formerly you’re through it, it feels good. But, yeah, that’s kind of thebiggest side effects earlier today I would say.- Jordan, what has your experience been with the customer you’ve worked with? – Yeah, so one thing thatI always like to refer to when I examine keto diet ispeople can do the keto diet, but have such a good, inadequate diet still.So, I ever use this lesson. Could you go in ketosiseating hot dogs and cheese, Kraft singles like processed horrible cheese? Can you go into ketosis doing that? 100%, perfectly your person could. Could you lose weight? Yeah, you were able to, but are you health? Are you meeting your nutrient needs? No. So that’s from a nutritional standpoint. That’s where my biggest hangup is with beings is educating.Like you can still eat veggies. Like I don’t know what itis in the keto parish where it became where all of a sudden all vegetables are off limits, and all we’re eating is dairy, high-fat dairy makes. I don’t know where that came from. My biggest, I predict, whereI get kind of like riled up about it is when people do it incorrectly and time eat a cluster of, for lack of a better term, simply crap food and use it as an excuse to eat all that stuff, or like the marketedketo makes out there that are like keto chippings. What are those? It can be really health ifwe get it on in a whole menus practice, but there’s a lot of likemiscommunication and miseducation and like that feature of things. And then I really kindalike to touch on, more, like why I haven’t done it,’ motive that might be a questionlike, okay, I know about it. I know all these benefits. Well, why, I’m the nutrition macrocosm, why the heck I haven’t had done it? My personal like opinion, too, and I think this speaksmore to like females,’ reason we just thinkmore, guys,( chuckles) – Wrong.- That’s right. But anything that you can justbecome like obsessive over that utters me like a bit restless with like the female clientele. I think it’s great, but like myself, I sit down and I live and breathefitness and nutrition, so I try to have a littlehealthy balance with menu and not counting things. That’s my own personal thing. – I don’t like to countthings either, to be honest. – If you’re a personwho has a diet history like the up, down, up, down, and you get all in at one time and you have a hard timewith weigh things if you only get eaten, I think that that can be bad for the mental health side of things. So, I don’t like to gowithout mentioning that.Although, I’m all for the keto diet. I just think anythingwhere we become obsessive and that’s all we can think about, that’s not health either. So anyways, that’s my ranting.( giggles) – So mostly monitoringthe macros, right, Mike? Do you wanna tell them what macros are? – Yeah, so your macros are your fats, proteins, carbohydrates. In the keto diet, you don’t certainly have to monitor superstrictly if you don’t like to, but you simply kind of wanna be aware of your total overallcarb intake, virtually. Depending upon how good or bad you feel is gonna vary, dependingupon maybe you’re not have enough paunches, maybe you’re missing out on some of these vitamins and minerals.I noticed like when I started keto, what you were describingearlier, they expression soiled keto is it’s lingo. Yeah, that’s like thereally processed food stuff. From my background, like before this, I was eating chicken, rice, oatmeal, eggs. Like I wasn’t eating American diet, but I was still loping off carbs. So, I kinda knew, I’mgonna feel better eating more entire nutrients substance and having like maybe aketo treat periodically, but not making it a staple in my nutrition. And so, these beings that are going from standard American to keto, it’s like they’re basicallystill eating their foods, but they’re removing thecarb generators from it. – Still genuinely harmful. – Yeah, And what it doesis like some people, it benefits them to start it. And then once they getinto the adaptation, then is the time to let’s start getting somebetter food supplies in there and still be in ketosis. – I’m sure that was Jordan’s challenge. – You know who Dr. Eric Westman is? – Actually, I don’t.- He’s the associate professorof nutrition at Duke, and he’s been runninglike a ketogenetic clinic for like 13 years. Been gobbling keto for 20 years, but Duke is in an area of the South that people have low income, and they don’t know a lot of insight. So he’s like, “The bestthing I knew for them is “I give them a sheet of paper “of all the keto friendly foods. “And I tell them pickwhat they want to start.” And he says, “Do it for 30 epoches. “Pick what you want, what you like. “I’m not gonna tell you what to do.” And then once they get adapted, yeah, he’ll start tryingto eat better things, but he’s he’s sofascinating,’ campaign he goes, “You know, I have these parties “that are eating these grime keto foods, ” and he’s like, “I lookat their blood work, “and it’s so weird, because I can’t tell “if they’re eating it.” – Oh certainly? – Just having the absence of the insulin and the processed food and carbohydrate, they’re still getting better.He says, “If you canclean it up, munch cleaner.” – But that’s one of the concern more is that the long-term effects of eating some of the bad, dirty keto would not be apparent right away. – Yeah, I symbolize, unless you’reconstantly getting observed, your blood work. – And your cancer hazard. I symbolize, that’s hard to know unless you’ve had long-term studies. I’m afraid we’re gonna haveto probably cut off today. We’re gonna have tocontinue this on another epoch without a doubt, because there’s a lot more we can discuss, and we’ll do that. Monitor our channel and our podcast, and look for the futureinformation on keto again. So, thanks. Jordan. Thanks, Mike. We’ll told you again.( upbeat music ).


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