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Basically it's my husband's fault. That's
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has to do my with my keto journey. Now let's get started with today's video. Today's video
is going to be about why I even started keto. Basically it's my husband's
fault. That's all I have to say. I'm just kidding.

Okay, serious time. It all started
when my husband started feeling really sick. My husband was always sleepy, always
tired. He would come home from work straight to lie down on the sofa, wake up
only to have dinner, go back to sleep, wake up to go to his bed at night, sleep,
and then wake up the next day to start all over again.
One of these days his mom being a mom asked how he was doing health wise. We told
her how he was feeling and everything that was going on and her being a diabetic herself at that time, she recommended that he check his glucose
levels. We went over to her house. We checked his glucose levels and to our
surprise they were at 400, close to 500. We then came to find out after starting
that process that he was waking up in the 300s, in the 400s. One time we checked and the meter just said 'HIGH'.

We came to find out that the meter only goes up to
599 so that means he was at least in the 600s range. We later came to
find out that he should have been in the emergency room with those
numbers. We didn't know that. My husband did not have a doctor that he would see
regularly and at that point we still did not decide to see a doctor. Me, being his
wife, I decided to search, to Google, to look on Pinterest for any diets, any type
of foods that helps diabetics.

I googled and I search for a diabetic meal
plan and that is what I followed. One week later we had to stop. My husband
said, "Elsa, I am feeling worse than when we started. I am feeling horrible. We came
to find out that, that was just not a good idea. At that time we did not know
anything about keto. We did not know anything about carbs.

The meal plan we
were following was recommending the total carbs for the day was 240 carbs,
okay? It was 60 per meal plus 30 for each snack, two snacks a day. That was 240
carbs in one day for a diabetic! Oh my goodness! Right now I cannot believe like
why that is even recommended for a diabetic. I do not understand. Anyway, so
after my husband started feeling pretty bad, even worse than when we started this
trying to get better process, we finally decided to look for a doctor. My husband
looked for a doctor, he got tested, he got his lab work done and we came to find out
that his A1C, that is a number that they measure themselves of where they are in
the diabetic range, was an 11.8 which equals, which means slow
motion suicide. We cannot believe this. This was serious. This was you need to do
something now. You need to get on meds now. You need to get on insulin.
You need to start the med process. The doctor told him, "You will be on meds forever".
Forever. He said, "There is no way of eating,
no diet that would ever help you overcome this.

You will be a diabetic for
the rest of your life". Can you believe that? My husband came home super bummed out
that day. He came home and he told me, "Elsa, the doctor said I will be on meds
for life". My husband being the husband that he is, he likes to research
everything so he researched the meds that they gave him and he said, "There is
no way I am taking this type of meds. There is no way. There's no way I'm
taking this. This med has very horrible side effects and can
cause very horrible things". So he just didn't take it, you know? But we started
praying for a solution. We were like there has to be a solution.

There has to be
something else. My husband started doing some research and that is how he found
out about the book by Jason Fung by Dr. Jason Fung about intermittent fasting.
He bought that book and when he was reading the book he found out about
keto in that book so then he started
researching about keto. So then that's when he asked me to cook all this
delicious food with high fats and what did I tell him? I think you're crazy!
You're crazy! How am I gonna cook this for you? That's very fatty food. I cannot
cook that stuff for you! Me, at that time being a person who is eating "healthy",
I was only eating wheat bread, grilled chicken, salads, depriving myself
basically. Because I can honestly tell you that during that time that I was
trying to lose my baby weight from my fourth child,
I was depriving myself.

I had done that my previous pregnancies
and it worked. I lost the baby weight so I was trying to do it again with out any
progress because since I was depriving myself, I don't know for some reason I
was lacking the self-control after my last pregnancy thatt it
wasn't working. Anyway, so yeah I told my husband you're crazy, I am NOT gonna cook
this food for you.

That's not healthy for you! No! He kept on doing his research and
he was giving me all this information that he was finding about how people were
getting better on keto, and about why keto works, and he started listening to
podcasts and he started reading more books. He started reading more articles
and he found a lot of information and he finally convinced me. So I did start
cooking the meals for him. I said okay, I'm gonna cook what you want from me. Give me
a list of what to buy. Tell me what' to cook for you. I don't know how to cook
like this. And I will cook my own meals separately. I will continue having my
yogurt. I will continue having my oatmeal. I will continue having my salads, my
wheat bread. You can eat this if you want. Day one,
hubby wakes up to check his glucose level. High as always, very high. Day one
of eating his first lunch at work. He comes home, doesn't go straight to the sofa. That is
a major improvement in just one day! Not going straight to the sofa after he
walks in that door coming home from work.

Major improvement. Day two. Checks his
glucose levels. Better than the day before, and this goes on and I am just
amazed at how this is even working! I am amazed how is all this food helping you if
this is how you're eating? You're eating bacon, you're eating eggs, you're eating avocado
you're eating all this delicious foods that his wife made for him, me. I was
just so surprised. My husband said, "You should join me.
This is really good food, you know it. You can lose the weight
that you've been trying to lose". I was like no thank you, no thank you.
It's not gonna happen. Two weeks later I decided to join my husband and
the in our keto journey. Two weeks later my husband was just
a different person! It just took two weeks for my husband to be more active
with the kiddos.

We were going outside, we were going to the park.
We were now "Okay what are we doing today?" Since my husband was not laying down in
bed now he wanted to do stuff. He wanted to go out and be active. Every day he was
like "Can we do something?" when before it was just straight to the sofa. I cannot
tell you how surprised I was with this. So yes I
joined my husband after two weeks. This was in February 2017.
We are almost hitting our three-year mark and we will never go back to eating
a regular American diet, never. We will never go back. I was able to lose 10
pounds in the first month. After six months I lost 38 pounds. I was weighing
less than before my first pregnancy. My husband was no longer considered a
diabetic after six months. His A1C remember that it was in slow
motion death at an 11.8? Well his A1C was at 5.1 after
six months of keto.

The doctor was amazed. My husband asked him, "Why did you
tell me I was gonna be on meds forever". His doctor said, "Because if I would have
told you that you need to eat better, you need to exercise, I thought that you, like
almost everyone, would not do it so this is just what I say". That was his answer! Can you believe how many people could be
doing better if they only started the process of
getting better? I mean, there are so many people that do! That take that step and say you
know what, I don't want to be like this anymore. But then there are so many
people that don't. And that is why I started this channel. To spread the keto

I actually started my Instagram account months after on October 2017, months
after I saw my husband just being the way he is now healthy, overall healthy. So
my goal with my Instagram account and my YouTube channel is to spread the keto
word, to share our keto journey, to share our keto lifestyle in hopes of reaching
someone who has lost hope. In hope of reaching someone who is willing to do
one more thing to take that step forward and becoming an overall healthier person.
We made a decision after we found out that my husband was no longer a diabetic,
that we will live a keto lifestyle for the rest of our lives.
We had tried it as a diet, but I now recommend everyone to use it, to do it as
a lifestyle.

We are not doctors, but we just want to share our experiences. We
just want to share how my husband went from feeling miserable to feeling
overall healthier. We have understood the dangers of carbs and sugars in our body
and we have also understood the benefits that keto has on our bodies and we have
planned to always be keto for that same reason. So with all that being said, with
me sharing our story, how it all started with my husband, I invite you to
subscribe to my channel once again and I invite you to join us in our journey.
At this current moment, December 2019, I myself have 10 more pounds to lose
to reach my goal weight again. I had already reached my goal weight, but
life happens. I was not being strict on myself with my eating habit and I gained
10 pounds. So as of today I invite you to join me in my journey into losing those
last 10 pounds that I need to lose plus being an overall healthier person so
please subscribe to my channel and I will see you in our next video

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