Why Aren’t You Already Buying These Foods From Aldi?

Organic produce is not always readily available in other grocery stores, and when it is, your options can be very limited. However, health-conscious buyers are looking for organic options more and more these days. According to the Mayo Clinic, organic produce typically contains lower levels of harmful toxins, such as pesticides and traces of metal. In addition, the nutrients and good fatty acids are often higher in organic options.

Aldi does a great job of stocking organic produce and keeping the varieties fresh and exciting. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to find organic options such as bell peppers, fresh broccoli, carrots, celery, and mini cucumbers in the produce section. Your salads are also a breeze when you shop at Aldi because there are quite a few organic green mixes that can be transformed into a healthy, delicious salad with just a few small additions. Organic arugula and spinach mix and chopped kale are just two options if you’d like to spice up your lunches with a healthy salad.

In the frozen section, Aldi offers even more organic options to choose from. The Simply Nature brand offers frozen organic green beans, corn, broccoli florets, blueberries, and even organic butternut squash. These frozen options make an organic diet that much easier as they cut down on prep time and can be stored for much longer.

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