Who Needs Carbs When You Can Have Crack Chicken & 23 More Yum-o Keto Dinners

New year, new keto dinners.

Let’s face it: We all live busy lifestyles and it’s hard to eat healthy all of the time. Especially on a keto diet. Just like many people, I used to hit the drive-thru on the way home, only to end up with a soggy sandwich that didn’t even taste good. I asked myself why I was wasting money on food I didn’t even really like. Then I discovered how delicious and easy these keto dinner recipes were that I can make in my own home. Less waste, money saved—and our clothes fit better.

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Easy Keto Dinner Recipes

I have a variety of recipes I’m excited to share with you because I love them all. My pressure cooker pot roast, made with a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, is on a weekly rotation because it’s so simple. When we get a craving for seafood, we go for the shrimp scampi or seared scallops. But I have to admit, my favorite of all is mouthwatering air fryer keto buffalo wings, which we munch on during movie and game nights.

Also, I know everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree. That’s why I try to make a variety of keto breakfast recipes. Having a nice meal to start the day just puts you in a great mood. Even more than breakfast, I can’t get enough of these keto desserts. It’s a bonus that all the recipes are so much healthier than store-bought, processed foods.

We’ve covered dinner and breakfast, but we can’t forget about the side dishes! These keto parmesan bites seriously go with everything and when you’re craving something sweet, easy keto cheesecake brownies are amazing. Happy cooking!

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