Which Diet Plan Are People Most Likely To Try?

Out of 583 responses, 25% of our survey participants chose the keto diet. According to Healthline, this diet limits your carb intake to up to 50 grams per day. You’re also encouraged to eat a moderate amount of protein, as your body can convert protein to glucose. By limiting your carbs, your body enters ketosis, where the liver turns fat into ketones to fuel the brain.

By a slim margin, 24% of our respondents chose the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet. Although this diet plan doesn’t set specific limits for certain foods, it suggests cutting back on red meats and sweets (via the¬†Mayo Clinic). Intermittent fasting was the third most popular choice, garnering almost 19% of the votes. This diet plan has more options for food choices, and you can choose how many hours per day you want to fast. You can also choose intermittent fasting two days a week, where you might limit yourself to one meal (via Johns Hopkins Medicine).

The plant-based diet was the fourth choice, with 17% of respondents considering adding more plants and fewer animal products to their plates. The WW diet plan was cited by 11% of the respondents, and the DASH diet was the favorite of just 3% of our survey participants.

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