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I hope you are enjoying my videos. And sharing your commentaries which I’m really experiencing. So delight remember to is committed to my channel. And of course, like and statement. Assalam o alaikum, I hope you are all doing well. And liking their own efforts of mine, regarding this channel. I noticed that the most liked video of mine was the one where I shared how I lost 70 pounds. So I pondered I tried following alot of food projects First, I did lose weight But the last 10 -1 5 pounds are frequently questionable So, I tried Keto Diet for to three months. I are intended to share Keto Diet with you. A spate of people get mystified regarding what Keto Diet actually is. Okay, so first of all it is important to understand that what quantity of menu would be suitable. So if you have to consume, say 1200 calories or 1500, depending on your gender, and what your weight size is. By the way you do find online calculators, which calculate the amount of calories you need to consume, in your Keto Diet distributed according to your value, torso nature, and other things like gender. Now, 70% of the time in this diet, you have to consume lubricants or fatties, 20% proteins, and 10% carbohydrates.Now how many grams of what, Micros and macros are all very confusing, but if you properly search for it online, you’ll find information, and very useful videos. I will share with you that which lubricants, living in Pakistan, we can make use of. First of all, Desi ghee, is readily available in Pakistan so you can use Desi ghee Butter, but the desi one , not the processed one. Processed can also be used, but it is better to use desi. Then, coconut lubricant, which is easily available in the market And, additional damsel olive oil. Now these were the lubricants that are easily available. If you can get yourself an MCT oil from abroad, or anywhere else, that would be great.Now, I’ll give you a basic logic of what you have to do Whenever we are eating containing alot of lubricant we feel very heavy And we feel full after eating a small amount of it. The best thing about Keto Diet is that your belly feels full Usually, in other nutritions you feel like your stomach is a well and you never feel that you are full and you save substance yourself with nutrient. But in a Keto Diet, your stomach feels full, you are satisfied and your energy degree likewise bides high. And after Keto Diet the maintenance food likewise called the Paleo Diet can also be done readily. I will talk about Paleo Diet in another video, in this one I will inform you about Keto.So Keto diet is a diet, which can be followed readily, but before starting with this diet, undergo a few exams to ensure you have normal cholesterol and you don’t have health problems like fatty liver. Because if you have medical issues such as diabetes or anything like that, you first need to consult your doctor and inform them that you are planning to start a Keto Diet. When we start a Keto Diet there is a thing announced Keto flu you get headaches and feel sick but this fatigue is only for 2 to 3 periods. After that you feel fine. So, after going through Keto flu and your figure goes into ketosis Instead of using sugars and other things it starts using obesities as oil for energy.The benefit of this is that it uses the extra fat in your form. And your weight starts to drop. I have even seen cases where people have lost 5-6 pounds in a week. But the healthy channel is to lose 2-3 pounds if you have alot of heavines. And this diet is not difficult to follow. Like I said you don’t feel very hungry. Now, “what were doing”? You can have omelette for breakfast But usually what people do is, they remove egg yolks. But that is totally unnecessary, because the yolk is good for you the solid that is present in the yolks is good for you. You can even include cheese in your omelette. And that more full fat , not low fat. We have a mentality of buying low fat things. Don’t buy low fat.Fat is good. In this food, solid is your friend. Fat is not bad. Please, cement this is something that your brains. Now what you can do is, Sprinkle some additional damsel olive over it and cook it in coconut petroleum. And there you have your omelette. Now for lunch. What I do is that, I take some veggies, and a small portion of protein, with a good deal of butter. Its already establishing my cheek ocean. And you can add spices. In short, the fraction you are allowed to have, make it as tasteful as you crave. By the highway, I munch Nihari more. What performs the difference are the cereals we use.Such as coconut flour and other particles that you are allowed to take. You can even research this online. You can make a small crispy, chapati out those grains for yourself. Or make a small piece of food with almond flour. And attain Nihari for yourself, but don’t add flour or wheat flour to coagulate Nihari at the end like most people do. Nihari is perfectly healthy for you this behavior. It has overweight and gravy. Now, what you need to eat for dinner. Anything that is cooked at home for dinner. You can’t take lentils or veggies in large-hearted quantities. But you can take a handful of cucumbers and season them with some olive oil, lemon juice, some salt and pepper and make a salad out of it.You can take a small piece of beef with it, chopper it and make a beef chili dry out of it. With dark-green chilies and lubricant, there is no restriction on oil. But you have to avoid, chapati, rice, sugar, things made out of flour and particles. You can even dine a piece or two of dark chocolate, which is 70% dark and ideally sugar free. You can eat chocolates and handfuls of nuts like pistachios and even almonds. So there are a lot of things that you are not allowed to eat usually but you can eat them in Keto Diet if you have to do it for 2 to 3 months. And, If medical doctors has let “youre going to”. Now the 3 things to remember for this nutrition. First, is batches and lots of water.Drink as much as you can. The more spray you will drink, the more your scalp will radiate and stay fresh. Secondly, do apply multi vitamins. Because you are taking in so much of fatty and other things, so obviously you will get some sort of a vitamin shortage. So do take a good quality multi vitamin. Now the third thing, if your value comes persist at one point and you can’t figure out why is that. So the biggest reason for that is, that maybe you are taking in more proteins like meat, chicken or fish etc. This can be one problem. Other then that, perhaps your form has become used to. So a very good solution for that is intermittent fasting.Now what is intermittent fasting? I will make a detailed video on it last-minute for you. But, if you go online and exploration how to intermittent fast, you will find information for that. I predict, my object is very simple. Fat nutritions come and go, there was a time when Atkins and South beach foods is indeed very in. Then came along hcg diet as well. All styles of nutritions come and go. And they do work for some time. Ultimately what works is, a healthful life-style. Drink 8 to 10 glass of irrigate. In summers make it 12. Drink more and more water. Avoid fizzy boozes. Try to avoid junk food, artificial nutrient and processed food as much as you can. And maintain a balanced diet. And if you have reached your paragon weight then maintain yourself. If you feel like you are gaining 2-3 pounds, pull your fibres right away. People say you used to be so chubby how do you maintain yourself? This is how I maintain myself.The instant “i m feeling” I am putting on weight, I help myself instantaneously. So with some restrain, some balance and a positive mindset, I guarantee you that you will lead a glad and healthy life. And of course, if you try Keto diet do gives people your feedback. And share your mentions as well as your experience. Because these videos are kind of my personal blog where I share my feelings and experiences. But with your feedback I will be able to give better advice in my next video. So do commentary. And try the Keto Diet. If you get permission from your doctor. I hope you like my YouTube channel And are agreeing to it As well as sharing your comments.But, I have a great opportunity for you now. You can share your explains with me on this number ..

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