What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet | ZERO CARB KETO DIET | What is the Carnivore Diet?

What to Eat on the Carnivore Diet | ZERO CARB KETO DIET | What is the Carnivore Diet?

hi guys welcome back to my channel and
happy 2019 as well too this is my first video of the year and I thought I would
go into a little bit more in depth into the carnivore diet last month I posted a
video on what I eat in a day on the carnivore diet so if you want to check
that video out I'll have it up here for you but today I thought I would just
kind of tell you guys what is allowed and what isn't allowed on the carnivore
diet just see if your in case you're interested in trying it it being a new
year and maybe you're looking for a new diet or to lose a couple of pounds of
those holiday pounds this is a great diet to choose so today I'm gonna
discuss with you what are some of the foods that you can have on this diet and
of course it's all up to you there's some people that are super strict on
this diet and only eat maybe just like red meats and water and no seasonings
and there's others that consume dairy and some sauces and spices and things
like that so it's completely up to you though but I'm just gonna give you the
nuts and bolts of this diet so keep watching if you want to see this so the carnivore diet is also known as
the zero carb diet although it's not exactly technically zero carbs because
there are a little bit of carbs in dairy and some of the spices that are used and
it's not a true carnivore diet for some people because there are some that
actually drink coffee like I drink coffee which is from plant-based and
same with spices they have spices and those are from plants as well too but
the majority of what you're eating is a product of an animal so a meat and eggs
and some dairy is allowed so that all comes from the animal so that hence
carnivore diet is really good for people that have any sort of inflammation or a
lot of people have seen some improvement on autoimmune disorders like arthritis
and psoriasis things like that so it's a good reason maybe to start this diet if
you have an autoimmune condition and along with that comes weight loss too
protein is very satiating so this diet is very high in protein of course
because it's meat so it's very satiating so a lot of people will find that
they're eating less and and more less frequent meals too so maybe like once or
twice a day so they're actually naturally intermittent fasting so with
that comes that decrease in blood sugar that decrease in insulin response and
decrease weight loss too because now you're just focused on burning your own
body fat for fuel and you're having all that protein to sustain you as well too
and I feel like this diet is part of the ketogenic diet as well too there are
some people that follow keto carnivores so they're having maybe some fattier
cuts in meat along with with the protein that they're eating and so you're still
getting some of that good fatty goodness when I'm on this side I'm able to stay
into ketosis I test my blood ketones and they're all above point 5 point 6 every
morning when I test so it's not kicked me out of ketosis at all plus I mean I
just love how I feel on this diet I feel really good I really satiated all the
time not starving I don't have cravings for sweet things or or anything else
it's it's the perfect diet for me and it could be for you too so let's check into
what you can have on this diet on the carnivore diet the main type of food
you're going to eat of course is meat and you can have any types of meat from
fish – beef – chicken – pork when it comes to fish fish is a great source of
omega-3 fatty acids you ideally want to get something that sustainably farm just
just because they're going to be lower and mercury and chemicals and other sort
of contaminants that might be in the water but out some choices that you
might choose our sardines it's a really good like on-the-go snack that I like to
have or even I a lot of times I take them for lunch when I'm in a hurry
trying to get ready for work in the morning salmon is another good choice
because it's higher in fat and still has a lot of protein and it's very delicious
– especially if you airfryer it and then beef you can have all cuts of beef from
ground beef to chuck steak to rib eyes to flank steak any sort of roast like
any sort of beef is okay on this diet but ideally if you can and if your
budget allows you won't always want to choose like a grass-fed meat and the
reason why you want to do grass-fed is because it has more of a omega-3 fatty
acid profile compared to the omega sixes so you know too much omega-6 fatty acids
can be can cause a lot of inflammation so a lot of those grains that animals
have a higher profile of omega-6 fatty acids so that can cause a lot of
inflammation in their bodies another reason why you want to choose grass-fed
meat is that they're higher in a conjugated linoleic acid and this is a
polyunsaturated fat it's also naturally anti-inflammatory and it helps to build
muscle and burn fat so it's a really good nutrient to have that's in our
grass-fed meats and the way I see it is if you have some money to spend on food
instead of buying organic produce you want to spend that money on organic
grass-fed beef and the reason why is because of bio concentration you're
going to get more of those nutria that you would get from eating like a
organic bell pepper or organic lettuce like all that is
actually the cow consumes because he's eating organic grass he's eating organic
grass and he's getting all those nutrients from that plant which gets all
those good nutrients from that organic soil so you're getting the most
nutrients most minerals that you possibly could rather than sticking with
organic produce and then having some grain fed meat so it's all all those
minerals and nutrients our bio concentrated they're all concentrated so
that you're getting as much nutrition as possible out of that one slab of steak
and then along with that some conventionally raised animals that are
grain fed are also fed products that were treated with herbicides and
pesticides so you're getting those chemicals in with your meat because
those chemicals are stored into the tissues of that green fed cow
specifically the fat so if you're eating that fat from a grain fed animal you
potentially could be getting some of those toxins and chemicals from the
herbicides and pesticides as well too so that's why I am a proponent of grass-fed
meats if you can afford it if you can't again just try and go you could do some
green feds but try and maybe not have the fat on there because again that's
where all those toxins are stored or look into fish there's some reasonably
priced fishes that are sustainably raised or sardines you can get wild
planet sardines are super cheap so you can eat those instead too and so you're
getting all that great omega-3 goodness and conjugated linoleic acids from there
too and then of course you can have chicken again you want to stick to more
of a free-range animal you can have thighs and breasts and wings all part of
the chicken you can even consume on this diet and then pork – you can have
ideally maybe its heritage raised that has all like that really good fatty cuts
in there but you could still have sausages and Bacon's I mean that does
have sugar in it but it's it's such a small amount that to use to help hear
the meat that it really doesn't affect affect your blood sugars or insulin
Spike's also I think those are okay as long as it's you know look on the back
of the package and see how many carbs are in there you kind of do it to be
wary of that but for the most part if you find one that's zero carb or just
maybe like 1 gram of carb you should be on the safe side and then you can have
other meats too like wild game and or lamb or bison when it comes to wild game
you can have venison and elk and antelope or all great choices especially
the wild game it's naturally grass-fed so again you're getting the higher
concentration of them in omega threes and the conjugated linoleic acids or the
CLA s as well – another item you can have on this diet is eggs eggs are like
the perfect meal because they have great fats in them they have protein in them
and they have tons of vitamins and minerals specifically it has lots of
choline which is great for cell membrane growth it has ink B vitamins selenium
fat soluble vitamins in there the ADEA in case it has lutein and zeaxanthin
which are great for eye health because their antioxidants – tons of different
minerals and nutrients in there it's really is the complete food and of
course you do want to reach for an egg that came from a pasture raised chicken
so look out for those and another type of food that you can have on the
carnivore diet is organ meats and I know a lot of people are probably turned off
by organized they're not exactly the tastiest but they actually have a huge
amount of mineral content and they are great source of protein as well –
there's all different kinds and you can search some recipes for them that will
hopefully help them taste better I know with liver if you soak it in milk and
that can take out that Roe gamy funky flavor that it might have but organ
meats are really good for you heart is high in iron and vitamin b12 you can
have liver which is high in vitamin A and iron as well kidneys which are high
in folate and zinc and selenium you've got to have brain if you want
I don't think I'll ever go there but as high in omega-3 fatty acid as well as
copper and selenium and then there's the tongue too
which is actually pretty good in the taco but you know we're on the carnivore
diet so you could have tongue by itself and it is high in selenium and choline
and potassium and iron zinc so a ton of good nutrition and minerals in organ
meats another thing you can have on this diet
is bone broth and bone broth is really good especially when you just like need
a little something to sip on that isn't water or coffee so you could make your
own bumper off I love to make mine out of chicken feet and neck and you can do
beef broth as well too and make that out of the beef marrow and some of the the
beef joints as well too and bone broth is so good for you because it has a lot
of collagen which is great for your joints and also but it helps with unique
collagen and your skin too to help your skin have that more youthful appearance
another category of foods that you might consider on the carnivore diet is dairy
products now of course you want to consume these in moderation though you
don't want to go heavy on the cheese and the creams and things like that because
dairy actually has lactulose in it so it's a sugar so that might be able to
cause like an insulin spike especially if you're trying to lose some weight and
especially if you're using this diet as an anti-inflammatory diet and or or an
elimination diet I would not recommend you consume dairy on this but it's okay
in small amounts some people do do consume a little bit of dairy and they
still have results so you could take things like cream or some cheeses you
could do possibly if you wanted to you could go with the plain yogurt that was
higher and fat but that's that's a little iffy but again you're just
wanting to limit the consumption of dairy just because some people do react
to it and it can cause inflammation so some condiments that you can use on this
diet ideally you just want to stay away from any
sort of sauce but you can cook with salt and pepper are fine you can cook with
small amounts of spices are probably okay – I mean spices do have
carbohydrates in them but it's not like you're eating like a huge tablespoon at
a time or something like that it's just a dusting or a sprinkling so it
shouldn't really make that big of an impact on your results for cooking oils
ideally you want to use animal products and not vegetable oils so I reach for
some grass-fed butter or ghee or my two cooking oils that I use to cook my meat
with the ghee has a little bit higher of a smoke point and I think it's about
like 400 or 450 so that's great if you need to cook something at a higher heat
look if you're searing a steak or something like that it's good for that
and for drinks you can have water and some people consume coffee but you don't
want to have any sweeteners in your coffee you could have a little bit of
cream if you wanted but ideally just black coffee if you're gonna drink it
but you can have water any sort of water bubbly water's fine plain tap water is
fine but those are the beverages that are allowed on this diet so the things
that you can't have though you can't have sweeteners specifically artificial
sweeteners there's no nuts allowed on this diet no vegetables allowed on this
diet no vegetable oils it's just strictly products that come from the
animal is what's allowed on the carnivore diet so I hope you guys can
see that eating and all meat diet is actually very nutritious for you you're
getting all of your necessary fats and proteins and nutrients and minerals all
from the meat especially if you have a well-balanced carnivore diet with
choosing different types of different cuts of meat like beef and chicken and
fish and going with some organ meats those are all going to have all the
necessary minerals and nutrients you need to build a healthy body
now some people do say that how do you not get scurvy on this diet because
you're not getting any vitamin C you really don't and the reason why it's all
in the scientific literature but vitamin C and glucose compete for the same
transporter the body so if you're eating a diet high
in glucose it's not allowing that vitamin C molecules have hooked on to
that transporter so that you could get the vitamin C benefits that your body
needs the antioxidant benefits it needs for vitamin C so that's actually why a
lot of people that consume a lot of carbohydrates get sick a lot this is my
theory of well I think it's sick a lot because they don't have any vitamin C a
natural antioxidant to help protect you against any sort of bug or virus that
might come your way and so people that consume a carnivore diet they're not
consuming any sugars so unless you're getting it from dairy but it's mainly a
low sugar diet so you don't have that competition so the vitamin C can
actually get to where it needs to go and produce its action in the body so
there's no risk of scurvy or any sort of mineral deficiency on this diet
especially if it's done right so that's it that's what you guys can eat on this
diet I hope you give the site a shot I really like it I feel like it's one of
the diets that's worked really great for me along with just a basic ketogenic
diet as well to let me know if you guys want more videos on the carnivore diet
maybe some more research or scientific facts things like that maybe some more
what to eat on the carnivore diet let me know down in the comments below so that
I can produce those for you do you guys

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