What Is The Keto Diet? | Ask The Expert

( upbeat music) – Keto diet is a verypopular diet right now that everybody’s doing and the idea is to get ketones in your blood, which is a little bit different. What you’re doing is you’re removing all carbohydrates from your diet and you’re living offjust protein and overweight. This will pressure you intoburning your own solid and secreting ketones to your blood. The ketones are felt to be beneficial in terms of perhaps meeting it easier to not eat, inother oaths, less hunger.In center, it’s trying to get yourself into ketosis or ketones in your blood. The safety of the keto diet isquestionable for some people. Most beings, it’s fine, it’s not gonna be an issue, but for some people, especially diabetics who are on insulin, ketosis isa very dangerous thing to do. You genuinely wanna talk to your doctor before you go on a keto diet. What menus you can get on aketo diet are very restricted. Regrettably, most ketodiets have a lot of computed fatty which I actually recommend against. But, it’s usually protein, protein, and more protein is what’s gonna be the maincomponent of the meat intake and that can be fish, chicken, beef, eggs, or anything that’s justno carbs, high protein. If you’re wondering whetherthe keto diet duties, yes it will. It makes a little bit better for men, but again, if you’re adding too much fat, you may not see as much weightloss as you’d like to see. Again, the keto diet will work, will raise weight loss.In the start though, because you’re in ketosis, ketones which are getting inyour blood and vanishing higher, they act as a diuretic so you end up having to pee them off all the time so initially it’s a lotof water weight loss. As you roll on, you get into the fatty burning period where you’re burning fat but as soon as you go back to eating carbohydrates, expect some spray heavines recapture.

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